Purple Carrot


For some reason I got up around 7am this morning! I blame the family of ducks that I swear were holding a meeting right outside my window. I’ve never heard so many ducks!!

Breakfast was an interesting smoothie consisting of: milk, Greek yogurt, purple carrot, cantaloupe, and coconut oil. It was refreshing…just not exactly enjoyable. Make sense? ~.^ I also had three graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter for more texture.


Some of you may be wondering how princess Ophelia is handling all this moving.


We’ve talked and she’s okay as long as she’s coming too. I think I have her assured since I packed her suitcase right in front of her. I hope she really likes the new place!


More  packing this morning until about noon when I had another smoothie for lunch with a baggie of senbei and peanuts. This smoothie was very similar only I swapped the melon for a banana. It helped a lot and made it much more creamy and tasty.

Today was my last day at the working food bank. I have two days next week but it’s on our off week so it won’t be normal food bank stuff. Sadly, today was the worst day ever there. First I had one lady be the rudest and ungrateful human being I’ve ever dealt with and then someone stole my book my father got me on Japan’s dietary transition. What breaks my heart the most is that I’m sure it’s just going to end up in a garbage can somewhere since I doubt anyone will be interested but me!!

I feel so done with this place.

 photo (1)-10

Extremely ticked off, Chase and I decided to go out to eat to cool off and calm down. We needed air conditioning and a stiff drink! Red Robin is one of our go-to joints so we grabbed seats in the bar around 6pm and sipped these babies. I got a classic mojito. ❤


For dinner I went with the Blue Ribbon Burger with a Gardenburger patty and a whole wheat bun. I ate half and shared the fries with Chase while he shared his side salad with me. There side salad is actually not bad! I think I’ll get one from now on.

Anyway, we’ve packed up a ton of the kitchen tonight and are kaput. Tomorrow is the big moving day! Hopefully I’ll be blogging from our new place tomorrow night. G’night!


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