My Mom

Happy 60th Birthday to the best mother in the world!! That’s right, my mother! =D

Mom & Me on Pondera Lake

Montana County Fair

She has always been the person to make me come out of my shell and have a good time no matter what. She showed me that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, as long as you like who you are. That’s actually been a tremendous lesson in my life this year. Okay so I don’t have a lot of friends. I don’t freaking care because I’d rather have fun by myself anyway!

Picking Raspberries

She has really made me who I am today even down to the food I like. Leave it to her to come up with the craziest combinations..that actually work! (Apple sauce and cottage cheese anyone?) She also showed me that you don’t have to grow up a cook to become one. Like her, I learned to cook later in life, and found a passion for it.


Since I was born the day after her birthday, we have always shared our birthdays together. Since leaving home I haven’t gotten to share one with her yet but it’s something I’ll always cherish from my childhood. I always hated being the center of attention, so at least with my mother at my side on “our” birthdays, I never had to be. Thanks, Mom, for always taking care of me. Heart


Okay enough nostalgia, back to real life! This morning I used my shiny new blender and made a smoothie…okay it was probably my least favorite one yet but I drank it down all the same! In it was milk, Greek yogurt, lettuce, a peach, and ice. The blender is so amazing I didn’t have to have it on for very long so I didn’t even wake up Tom! I slurped it down on the floor in my room though so I didn’t disturb him. Also got to work starting to box things up for our big move.

After breakfast my stomach was feeling well enough to hit the gym for a sweaty (seriously I didn’t have a towel through most of it and it was wet!) 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. It felt good to work my legs and butt because man have then been sore from Tom’s Navy Leg Workout!


After talking on the phone with my mum and wishing her happy birthday, I was starving for lunch! It was 1pm after all. So I ate the last of the cheese stuffed bread (three pieces, one was eaten before phone call due to extreme hunger) raw snap peas and bursting with flavor cherry tomatoes.

Tom and I spent the whole day watching Anime, cross stitching, and eventually taking a nap before Chase got home. It was nice to just relax.


Before Tom left (he has a 22 hour drive down to New Mexico!), he treated Chase and I out for Pen Thai. I got my usual pad see ewe with tofu and also tried a Thai Iced Tea. Damn did I need it too! I got my meal too spicy so the milk in the tea was necessary to put out the flames! I saved half my meal for another night though man do I have a lot of leftovers to eat!


After laundry and more packing I grabbed a bite of a Voodoo Donut before we threw the box away. (They were mainly hard and stale.) However, this one with the mini M&Ms on it totally rocked my taste buds so I ended up eating it with a glass of milk in honor of my Mum’s birthday. ~.^

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!


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