Sick to my Tummy

Ug. I was very sick to my stomach all day today.


I had breakfast in my room in order to not disturb our guest. I also couldn’t have a smoothie! Weetabix with raisins and toasted walnuts. Pretty tasty of course, but not what I wanted.


I booked the two miles to work because I realized we were opening early today. A bit after I got there Jaycee really wanted coffee so even though my stomach didn’t feel well, I went ahead and got a short cappuccino. The caffeine at least woke me up!

photo (1)-7

By lunch time I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stomach the bean and rice lunch I’d packed. Instead I headed to Cherry de Pon where I grabbed a Peach Chiller (peach and strawberry juice, mango, strawberry, and peach with ice). I realized as I sipped down this 16 oz. smoothie that I should have gotten one that contained milk for fat and protein.

photo (2)-4

When I got home from work I still felt awful so I laid down on the couch. Eventually I nibbled on a packet of rice crackers and peanuts.


Once Chase and Tom got home Tom gave me an early birthday present. Isn’t he sweet!? He’s watched me struggle with my super old blender since he got here so he got me a new one!!! :O


For dinner the boys ordered Domino’s pizza. I told Chase not to worry about getting me one so he got some stuffed cheese bread for me to try. I had three small pieces with some unpictured snap peas and cherry tomatoes.


About a half hour after eating that it was like my stomach was suddenly back! I was ravenous!! So I turned on my brand new blender (it’s completely amazing! No more poking spoons in to get the greens to mix in!) and made a smoothie with: cranberry juice, lettuce, Greek yogurt, mandarin orange, frozen berries, and coconut oil. I also had another senbei (rice cracker) with this.

I’m so glad my stomach is slightly better. At least it wants food now! I may eat some more tonight if I get hungry. Other all though, I think it was a good idea to skip my workout today. I’ve been having liquid going straight thru me even when not taking in my normal amount.



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