Wow so today was packed full of not so healthy eating. =P


It started with breaking into the Voodoo donuts that Tom brought up from Oregon yesterday. I had the the smallest one with a smoothie made with: cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, mixed frozen berries, lettuce, and a squirt of the lemon fish oil I take each day. Mmmm! To be honest, the donut was nothing special. =P At least I know now.

Today, since we have a Navy man staying with us, I did a little different workout when he offered to lead both Chase and I in his leg training. We did 5 sets of 10 burpees, 10 jumping squats, and 10 jumping lunges. I actually surprised him how by how strong my legs are and how high my endurance is. Chase, on the other hand, was spent! I actually think it might have been a bit of an awakening for him. He told me he felt very old today!


After our workout we spent the morning lying around, cross-stitching, chatting, and watching a random Netflix movie, until about 2pm. At 1pm I had to eat something and the only immediate food on hand was another donut. >.< So I scarfed one down with some milk. I was not proud. (Managed to take a photo after devouring half…)


When the boys were finally ready to leave the house we headed to Uwajimaya so Tom could buy some much needed Japanese loot. He was stationed in Japan for a year previously and was deeply missing some things, mainly a certain alcohol!

While we were there I spent a little too much money and ate a salmon onigiri (rice ball) in the car and some delicious cherry tomatoes I packed for the occasion. Then we were off to Seattle! Why?


To show Tom the amazingness of the EMP and to check out their new Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibit! First the boys had to have their pictures taken on the Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones HBO show. I honestly had no clue what I’d do on a throne so I declined.


I was ecstatic to see the Xena costume inside the exhibit though!!


The boys really loved the exhibit too. It was really well done. Tons of audio and interactive features.


Plus cool costumes! These are from The Princess Bride.


And of course I took photos of everything Blizzard Inc. since my cousin works there and I’m always so proud!


We also checked out the horror exhibit again that we hadn’t seen since we first visited the EMP before we moved to the Seattle area!


Why do I love horror movies?


For reader Kaz: Shaun of the Dead shirt!


It was awesome to watch all the little features they had on the great horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre (to this day I won’t go through Texas due to this movie..) and Psycho.


Also saw Mr. Pointy again from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ^_^ It was such a great show.

Blog UPLOAD84-001

At almost 7pm we left the EMP to get some dinner. I was starving by then! We headed to our favorite post-EMP spot, Green Leaf where I got my favorite Vegetarian Vermicelli bowl. First they gave us the sauce that smells like death…and then very promptly afterwards the amazing bowl of noodles, Chinese mushroom (just one..but it’s the best mushroom I’ve ever eaten), imitation ham, fried tofu, grilled tofu, and a plethora of raw veggies.

I ate all the veggies but I ended up leaving a third of the bowl this time. It’s just too much!


Tom also managed to get the girliest drink possible when he ordered a simple passion fruit soda. They made it with fresh passion fruit!


After filling our bellies we headed for an All You Can Play night at GameWorks. It was fun seeing these two geeks in their element and I also had a goodtime playing my favorite Hummer game. The game where female Asians can excel at driving….you know by crashing in to everything. ^_^


When we got back to our apartment around 1am, Tom made us his favorite drink he had in Japan, a Chuhai! Man these drinks are dangerous! They go down like water…I’m on my second. >.> I’ve also had a snack pack of rice crackers and peanuts.



3 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. “You’ve got red on you.”

    Haaaa! Awesome. XD

    That museum looks frikkin’ brilliant. I’d be geeking out hardcore there. How cool that your cousin works at Blizzard! That’s some legit nerd cred there. Too cool! ^_^

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