Reasons Not To

Today was rough. Physically. Emotionally. Bleh.DSC00176

I woke up around 8:30 and decided on PB&J&Banana toast with a glass of milk for breakfast. One toast with Adam’s Crunchy PB with Huckleberry jam and one with cashew butter and fig butter. No smoothie explosion in the AM today!

With the new antibiotics making my stomach very upset and my lady days on it’s way..this morning was spent sitting on my butt. I almost made myself go workout but decided that wasn’t worth making me feel worse.


So instead I took stalker pictures of Ophie-chan and cross-stitched. ^_^


Around noon I showered and made lunch. All my stomach could handle was a nice cold smoothie containing pure cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, the last of the fresh spinach, and a squirt of honey. It’s funny how much I’m loving smoothies. Normally I’m totally a texture person.

I walked to the food bank in this awful heat that immediately made me worse. I was so out of it and shaky, only after an hour and a half of sorting through donations I took my first break.


During it I ate a sweet and juicy peach along with some NatureBox Guacamole Bites. Around 4pm I broke into a Chocolate Peanut Butter Zing bar. I’ve been meaning to try one of these because they are big at my school since the creators are all Bastyr graduates. They are made with all natural ingredients, have a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fats, no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, no synthetic vitamins, no gluten, wheat or soy protein, and no corn products. Sounds pretty good yes? Well I was hoping it wouldn’t taste like cardboard as a lot of protein bars do (in my opinion…), but it was only slightly less cardboardy so honestly rather eat real food. =/ 


Chase picked me up at 6pm and by 7 I was having some dinner. I tried to remake my favorite Mustard Seed Tofu Teriyaki Salad…but it tasted nothing like it. >.< Lettuce topped with sautéed teriyaki tofu, snap peas and purple carrot, along with canned mandarin oranges and pineapple. Edible but not terribly yummy. 


It was also very much missing the bread component so afterward, unsatisfied, I ate three graham crackers with peanut butter and a mug of milk. I also had an unpictured Martinelli’s Apple Juice later.

Anyway while I had planned to workout in the evening, on my way home I came up with a list of why I should skip it.

  1. UTI discomfort
  2. Antibiotics upset stomach
  3. PMS
  4. Bloating
  5. Cramping
  6. Too hot

I had this big list so I sat on the couch watching TV and in a bad mood. Around 9am I realized how stupid I was being. Even when I had all these reasonable reasons not to workout I knew the only thing that was going to help me feel better was to workout!! So I put on my tennies and hit the gym for a 30 minute treadmill interval run at 1.0 incline. I feel so much better now. I no longer want to whine about everything!!

Have a goodnight everyone!


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