Urgent Smoothies

Ug. I am so freaking exhausted.


My day started off with not getting enough sleep because I just couldn’t get to bed last night. I then made another smoothie like yesterday’s (cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, spinach) and had it blow up in my face in the blender! >.< Ok learned my lesson. No sticking spoons in to try and push the spinach down while it’s on….Anyway after cleaning up my hair, changing my clothes, and noting that I need to scrub the ceiling…I enjoyed the smoothie with a half of a poppy seed muffin.

Then I was out the door to take Chase to work (another 13 hour day) before heading to the food bank myself.


Around 12:30pm I ate my lunch of brown rice, jalapeno lime canned black beans, sautéed kale, black olives, and a sprinkle of cheese. I also enjoyed a plum. Very satisfying lunch. The lemon tart they had in the break room didn’t even tempt me.

photo (1)-3

A few hours later I had a snack of two graham crackers while I read some of this book my dad got me for my birthday on Japan’s dietary transition and it’s impacts. It’s super interesting and a fun way to combine my first major (Japanese) with my current major (Nutrition)! Most interesting fact learned today: Kobe beef is produced by feeding heifers in pens for up to three years, regularly massaging the animals, and giving them beer to drink during the summer. Yes, beer!

After my 8 hour day I drove to Woodinville to head to the Urgent Care there so I could finally get some antibiotics for my UTI. After an hour there and an hour waiting for the pharmacy to fill my prescription I finally made it home after 7pm.


By then I was very hungry for dinner wanted it to be something refreshing: enter another smoothie! This one with a scoop of PB2 thrown in so it tasted like PB&J! Along with it I had some succulent cherry tomatoes and NatureBox Guacamole Bites.


Later I felt a bit peckish so I finished off the NatureBox Lemon Tea Cookies with a glass of milk. I am so exhausted at the moment but I need to pick up Chase at 10pm when he gets off work. T-T


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