Big Frame Show

Sorry this is late but yesterday I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open around 8pm. =( I also ended up having to run to the store at 11pm due to a UTI. It seems like I normally get one once a year in mid-July….no clue why.


Let’s see, yesterday….Since I have so many greens and a lot of Greek yogurt I decided to blend up a smoothie for breakfast. Inside smoothie was milk, yogurt, spinach, banana, and PB2. It was pretty tasty though I knew since we were having a big frame show at work today that I might not get my lunch until late so I also ate half of a Costco poppy seed muffin.


I’m glad I did too because I didn’t get half of this lunch until 1pm, followed by a break, and finished at 2pm! In the tupperware was brown rice, sautéed kale, jalapeno lime canned black beans, olives, and a sprinkle of cheese. I ate the plum once I got home around 4:30.


It was our big Caribbean frame show at work and boy was it busy! We actually did more sales than this location has ever done. Jaycee and I were pretty proud and also constantly running around. The steel drums out front made it very fun and festive though and we had ice cold lemonade and cookies for anyone who passed by. Before lunch I did end up eating one M&M cookie and a small glass of lemonade. (In photo starting from left: Crystal (normally works at the other location), steel drum guy, Dr. Baker, Jaycee, and me!)


When Chase got home he found me on the couch trying to stay awake. We quickly made dinner: whole wheat spaghetti noodles topped with sautéed summer squash, asparagus, and Portobello mushrooms in the very last of my frozen parsley pesto. Like I said before, we have a plethora of greens, so I made both Chase and I have a green salad on the side. Mine had Caesar dressing and also the most flavorful cherry tomatoes from my CSA.

Well I’ve got a lot to do today and I’ve just injured my wrist so it makes doing everything 10x harder!! I’ll be back tonight for a recap.


2 thoughts on “Big Frame Show

  1. I use to get uti’s when I was in my mid 20’s all the time I finally just started to take cranberry pills called cranactin you get at a health food store everyday even if I didnt have a uti just to promote good ut health, oh and I would drink pure cranberry juice no sweetener diluted with water try those things.. I feel for you girl those are miserable feel better 😦

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