In Good Company


It felt great to sleep in a little today. And by a little, I mean 8:30am. ^_^ I guess the “great” part was that I awoke on my own not by being smashed by kitten faces!

I then had a bowl of Weetabix with a cut up not ripe enough banana and 2 tablespoons of my all time favorite Treasure Trove Trail Mix which I nabbed from the Good Food Store while we were in Missoula. I don’t know what it was but this bowl tasted like nothing!!! Seriously. It was disappointing. I think I need to toast some nuts and let those bananas mature a bit.

Next I hit the gym for a sweaty 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. This seemed less daunting than trying to run again so I put that off until tomorrow. It sure took me awhile to cool off afterwards though, so I ended up not having the time to cook lunch!


Thought I’d show off my new hair cut though. Yes, that is a little polka dot bow on the side. I also wore my new polka dot shoes that I forgot to take a picture of as I promised! Next time…


Instead of worrying about preparing lunch in record breaking time, I walked the two miles to work and bought a Greek Salad at the restaurant, Padria, which is right near my work. Honestly, the salad left much to be desired. There was just not enough toppings with the plethora of iceberg lettuce to make it exciting. I put about a quarter dent in it and ate the pita bread. Surprisingly it held me over!

photo (2) 

Around 4pm Jaycee and I went in for an afternoon pick me up: Grande Valencia Orange Refresher. Hey it’s only 90 kcals! I also snacked on some cherries that Jaycee was kind enough to share. She also gave me a huge bag of snap peas from her garden! She is too good to me. ^_^


Chase picked me up from work and took me for a surprise! Honestly, I had no idea where we were going…then we pulled up at a Chinese buffet in Shoreline with Waylon and Sam! =D It was the company I was excited about, not so much the food. There was pretty much very little vegetarian besides fried food and very oily things. Oh well, can’t make it happen everyday I guess. I tried little nibbles of everything I could eat and left what I didn’t like on my plate. For dessert I did partake in one of those Chinese donut things.

It was so great to see friends in the middle of the week! Who cares if the food was crappy. =) Seriously though, tomorrow I am getting my cooking on!


2 thoughts on “In Good Company

    • Thanks, Heidi! I soo needed the cut. It’s bad, I pretty much only get the haircut I want once a year because I don’t trust anyone since that disaster in last year! One of the biggest pains about moving to a different state: loss of your hairdresser!!

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