I totally had cake for breakfast. My favorite Good Food Store Vegan Orange Poppy Seed cake….with a carton of nonfat milk. ^_^ I actually picked it up before bowling last night but didn’t feel like sweets for once. I figure it was either this or a huge muffin so I think I made the smarter choice.

We packed up the car this morning and spent some time chatting with my Dad. Packing up out of my old room again always makes me nostalgic. =( Eventually I hugged my dad goodbye and Chase and I did some errands including ending up browsing the mall while we waited for lunch with my mum. I found the cutest shoes at Payless but in 0.5 size too big. >.< I searched on my phone for the right size in Missoula and over in Seattle but alas, it was not to be. They were on sale since they weren’t making anymore.


Next we met my mum at Staggering Ox for lunch. This place always reminds me of my mum even though we haven’t eaten there together in years! I just remember when I was a little girl going with her and she explained to me how they made the interesting shape of the bread by baking them in tin cans.

Anyway I ordered The Vegi on whole wheat bread (mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, sunflower seeds, Swiss, Monterey Jack, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and Camel Spit (aka cucumber dill sauce). It was pretty tasty but HUGE. I ate half with a bag of BBQ chips and some lemonade.

My mum also surprised Chase with a gift of a Mexican Train set! We’re thinking about trying to set up a game night with friends soon. ^_^ Thanks mom!


Then it was time to say goodbye to my bug, Drusilla. =( I really miss this crazy cat. She loves being outside so much though I know I could never take her with me.  DSC00134

Then I got super nostalgic about leaving my family. =( I grabbed an old photo to take home with me which helped me not to cry.


After all, I have my own family now! Ophie and Vinni did really well on the trip home and are so giddy they are back in their own place. Amazingly as soon as we turned off our exit in Kirkland they woke up and got all excited, as if they could smell home near! DSC00132

Boo-Boo was a real trooper as well. ^_^


When we hit coeur d’Alene Chase and I grabbed some Starbucks to keep us awake. I got a tall nonfat, ristretto, white chocolate mocha with no whip. Holy moly was it sweet. I drank half.

The amazing thing was that right next to the Starbucks was another Payless….and guess what, they had my shoes! Just meant to be! Pictures sometime.

Around 4pm I ate another fourth of my sandwich from lunch since the caffeine on an empty stomach started to bother me.

By 6pm I needed another snack of trail mix. 


When we were less than 60 miles from home about to go over the last pass we got stopped for 60 whole minutes for rock blasting. -_- I ended up eating dinner in the car around 8pm. Two cold slices of Bridge Pizza!

So glad to be home! Watching a movie with Chase to relax. ❤ Have a goodnight!


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