High Score


Our last meal camping was another round of scrambled eggs, hot sauce, and tortilla. NO pasteurized processed topping aka “cheese”. Please everyone, read your labels! Finding out something you think is cheese is not is disturbing!

We then packed up our whole camp for about two hours and hit the road around noon. I wanted to get home and shower so badly we didn’t stop for lunch but picked at some trail mix.


So we had dinner early around 4pm. My favorite pizza in all the world: Bridge Pizza!! I ate two slices of the Madison (pineapple chutney and walnuts on a white sauce) along with a salad of homegrown greens, tomato, and peppers. Holy freaking yum. I made sure I had leftovers for dinner tomorrow. ~.^


This evening Chase put together a night of bowling, inviting all of his old Missoula friends. It was basically a “We’ll be here so stop in and say hi” and a lot of people did! It was great to see so many old co-workers of mine (Chase and I met working at the local movie theater so I know a lot of his old friends). I ended up actually having a really fun time even though I normally hate bowling. I was surprisingly good last night! Well for me that is. I got my highest score ever of 83! I got three strikes the whole night!


When the party finally died Chase and I rolled in around midnight and made a little midnight meal. Hey it’d been 8 hours! Leftover Noodle Express rice with that Whole Foods tofu I didn’t like added on top. ^_^ Now we’ve just been getting our stuff ready to leave tomorrow. I can’t believe this vacation is already ending!


P.s. Does anyone else use the RSS Reader app Feedly?

2 thoughts on “High Score

  1. You know what’s the creepiest about that processed cheese stuff? That it’s called “cheese food”. Like, we’ve got Baby Bood, Mexican food, and down here in Aisle 3, Cheese Food. That, or the dang product is so far removed from it’s natural state, they had to slap the word “food” onto it, as though the label would remind us that what we’re about to partake in is still, indeed, actually edible.

    Other than the ominous Cheese Food trying to sneak onto your plate, it looks like you had a great time! I’m glad you were able to see your friends (nice work on the strikes in bowling!), and yeah, there’s nothing quite like a hot shower after several days’ camping, huh? ;D

    • I completely agree with you, Kaz. If you have to label it “food” it’s probably not food! It’s crazy what kind of junk the FDA considers acceptable in our food supply. And the saddest thing about it is that a lot of people don’t know what they are buying because they don’t read labels!!!

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