Blueberries & Oats Goes Camping

Well I survived 4 days of camping and boy do I have a lot to share with you all! I hope I can do it justice.

Wednesday – July 3rd

July 3rd was pretty darn special to me because for the first time in about two months I felt hungry! Seriously, I woke up bright and early, got dressed, then had this loud growl come from my tummy and, at the same time(!), had a sudden appetite. It was a wonderful feeling to rely on my body’s cue’s again. No more Claritin D!!


So what did I feed it? Well a Peanut Butter and Jelly Bullseye from Treasure State Donuts! My good friend Steph is the general manager at this new establishment and was in charge of creating all the recipes and basically putting the whole business together! I am so proud of her because this donut freaking rocked my socks off. I enjoyed it (savoring every sugary, yet not too sweet) bite with a little bit of plain black coffee. Holy yum. Honestly, I kind of want to go back and try more flavors. >.>


An hour before noon I had one more friend to meet up with before we headed out camping. Jesse is an amazingly creative person and keeps an absolutely beautiful blog, Wee Pleasures. She made the cozy I won last year that I now use on my water bottle everyday! Yeah, she’s pretty much my idol. Anyway by following her instagram I found out about The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery which has the absolutely cutest cross stitch patterns I’ve ever seen.

My lovely sister Win purchased me the Summer Sample Subscription for an early birthday present….but I needed some help on learning how to cross stitch! Luckily, Jesse is amazing and made the time to show me. =) I am a complete craft noob.

Anyway we met up at Starbucks and I grabbed a Grande cool lime/Valencia orange refresher. Thanks Heidi for the wonderful tip! This drink was less bam in your face and completely delicious.


Learning to cross stitch was awesome but I had to run out and get some errands done before camping! First stop was actually the AT&T store where I got a phone upgrade! I now have the iPhone 4S. ^_^ I feel pretty darn trendy. I haven’t got to use it much since we’ve been camping but the little I did get to, I enjoyed.

Next up was lunch at Chase’s favorite place in the mall: Noodle Express. It’s the cheap, fast version of The Mustard Seed. I was surprised and pleased to find that they offer brown rice now! So I got a teriyaki tofu bowl with brown rice and lots of veggies. Delicious. Ate half and then we were out the door to get a few things done before Ronnie, Chase, and I packed up the car and hit the road to Canyon Ferry.


We stopped in Helena  and grabbed dinner at Subway. 6” Veggie on wheat, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, green bell pepper, and light mayo. Plus some apple slices and light lemonade. Mmm it was really good because I was really hungry!! (Such a good feeling!)


We arrived at the Hellgate Campground, found a spot, setup our tent, then waited for Chase’s parents to show up. They were driving all the way from Billings, MT. Chase and I fooled around with photos on the beach. His new Galaxy 4 phone has some pretty cool camera features. For instance, the photo above actually has a sound file of the waves crashing attached to it. Haven’t figured out how to keep the photo and the sound together though when exporting…


Also this fun feature that lets you see what we’re looking at!


My new camera does a nice panorama. ❤ Man was it beautiful out.


With photo/beach time done, we sat down with Ronnie and sipped some umeshu while we waited. I continued to work on my cross stitch until the sun went down!


Kathy and James showed up pretty late, but that didn’t stop us from getting a bonfire going!


To make smores of course. ~.^ I had one and, like I expected, didn’t really care for it. Too sweet! Instead I nibbled on some graham crackers which I love. Bed was pretty late, maybe 1pm(?) and sleeping outside was a bit strange for this city girl!

Thursday – July 4th


So strange in fact that I was up the next morning by 6am. It was just too bright out. While I waited for everyone to wake up I stitched some more. ^_^ I may be addicted. Did I mention I was really excited to start this hobby because I think it’ll be the perfect thing to do when I’m just watching TV. Sometimes I just gotta keep my hands busy to avoid unneeded snacking!


By 8am I was pretty darn hungry so Chase split this Costco poppy seed muffin with me.


At 10am everyone was up and it was time for breakfast! We had scrambled eggs, a little bit of cheese (which I later looked at the package and found out it was “pasteurized processed topping”. Pretty much just modified food starch and oil. NOT cheese. I did not eat it again…), and hot sauce on a grilled tortilla. I love eggs with hot sauce apparently or I was just really really hungry because this was delicious.

Blog UPLOAD78 

Then it was fishing time! We set up on the beach right below our camp site. All five of us all along the shore with our poles in the water. It was actually really relaxing. I spent most of my time working on  my cross stitch under an umbrella. Fishing isn’t really my thing but I still tried!


Chase was actually the first one to catch a fish, a giant carp. I guess you don’t eat these fish though because we threw it back. Still, it was pretty cool to see how big it was!


Since it was a super hot day we all eventually put our swimsuits on and got in the lake. Funny story: every time we got into the lake the sun would disappear behind sudden clouds and it would cool off….


All our lunches consisted of just snacking on foods such as cherries, Kirkland Crunchy Snack Mix and Trail Mix, Cheeze-It’s and sometimes soda. Yes mostly crap. =/


We fished all day long…which was too long for some of us! This is my dad dozing off while fishing. ^_^


Eventually we had to take a break for dinner, but first Chase gifted his mom with overdue Mother’s Day presents! We got her a few lawn ornaments because she loves to garden and make it look nice. She loved them!


In honor of the Forth of July I begged for grilled food for dinner. Grilled corn(!!), a Quorn cutlet on a bun, and grilled bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms were enjoyed with some pinto grigo.


And then it was back to moooree fishing. Yes we did some night fishing and watched a few fireworks over the lake. My Dad managed to catch two fish that night!

Friday – July 5th


The next morning I managed to sleep in a bit longer but I was still the first one up. I also managed to wait for breakfast too. Pancakes with maple syrup and the last of the cherries. I was really bummed I couldn’t find any Kodiak Cakes mix to bring because they totally taste better plus are whole grain. =/

More fishing, different location. James caught a fish! Same lunch plus a peach!


By dinner I was absolutely starving since I’d had lunch around 11am that day. I had two servings of pasta with tomato sauce and two pieces of garlic bread plus some salad and wine. As you can tell I was deeply missing vegetables and whole grains on this trip. It was really really nice of Chase’s parents to provide all the food though.

It really opened my eyes to the fact that no, the average American doesn’t know what they should be eating! It made me feel a little better about my own job prospects. All these meals would be so easy to modify by adding vegetables and fruit, making whole grain, and lowering the added fat and sugar.


It was a beautiful evening an we spent most of it having some family time playing Uno.

Saturday – July 6th


I had two options for breakfast on Saturday: oatmeal or muffins. Yes oatmeal is at least a whole grain but the only mix in options were: butter and sugar. Nope, I’d rather eat my butter and sugar in the form of Costco muffins with black coffee! I had half a poppy seed and half an apple crumb and damn were they sweet! I couldn’t imagine eating this sweet of food everyday!


Any idea what we did that day?  Yep! More fishing, different location. This was a nice one though since we were nicely shaded with a great breeze. That makes all the difference! It’s been sooo freaking hot.

Chase and I played games while we fished and lunch consisted of salted peanuts and graham crackers.


It was James’s day on Saturday and he ended up catching this huge and beautiful rainbow trout along with another smaller one.


We baked up all the fish for dinner!


I tried some of the trout but ended up not quiet liking it. A little too meaty in texture. I preferred the white fleshed Yellow Perch and Walleye. Also ate more grilled corn and I sautéed up some vegetables for all of us. Kale, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. It felt good to eat some vegetables!

We ended the night with more Uno (Chase is now our standing champion) and one last bonfire and smores. It was a really fun 4 days but my goodness was I ready for a shower!

For those of you who’ve stuck with me, sorry this was so long! I’ll be back tonight!


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