New Lens

It’s really nice to be back home again. =] Even though I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am I was still up before 8am, too excited to sleep. I had my new camera to play with! =D

That’s right, thanks to my parents (early birthday present!), the Amazon credit I’ve saved up by using my Amazon credit card, and the Green Trip Rewards program, I was able to order a 18 MP Sony Cyber-Shot WX300! (in Red of course!) It was sadly time to retire my old Canon with its inability to focus. =( I decided to get a point and shoot camera instead of a DSLR because, honestly, I don’t have time to really learn to use a DSLR properly. =/


The first photo with my new camera? Half a cranberry bagel from our local, Bagel’s on Broadway bakery, with a little bit of Skippy peanut butter. Yeah…can’t be picky when there is nothing else to eat for breakfast in the house! I seriously waited until about 9am before I just had to eat it.

After a quick breakfast and chatting awhile with my Dad, Chase and I headed out to do some errands: fishing license, saying hi to my mum at her work (where I got a new pair of sunglasses! Promise pictures soon), Target for some camping essentials (Smores?), and then I dropped Chase off at his best friend’s house while I headed to my yearly (pretty much) hair cut appointment!

Ever since last year’s catastrophe haircut from trying out a new hairdresser, I’ve been afraid to try again. So instead I booked an appointment with my Missoula hairdresser. ^_^ It was almost exactly a year since I’d seen her! My hair is now short and I love it. I think I’m going to really try and keep it this length. Even mediocre hairdressers should be able to do a simple trim right?


I got out of the salon at about 2pm. From there I headed straight to Carino’s where I met Chase, Kurt, and Kurt’s new girlfriend, Riley! We were all starving by then and quickly dove into bread and Italian sodas. For my meal I got what I always get: Caesar salad and minestrone soup. The Caesar was a bit over dressed but I tried to eat most of it. Sadly, my favorite minestrone soup was not good! They must have changed the recipe because it was less tomatoey and just different tasting. Also very salty! I ate a few spoonfuls and put my spoon down with a lost appetite. Riley and Kurt love these mini tiramisu cups they have for dessert so Chase and I had to split one to see what the fuss was about. Creamy, rummy, goodness. I’m glad we split this little cup though. I just wasn’t feeling food.


By 6pm though I was doing a lot better! ^_^ I met my good old friends Karlie and Steph at The Stone of Accord for dinner. It was so great to see them both again and hear how their lives are going. They are both doing so many wonderful things!

I started with a glass of white sangria. It was so refreshing on this hot day! For my entree I went with my favorite salad with: Warm Brie, Granny Smith Apples, Cajun
Candied Walnuts, Red Onions, Tomatoes and Croutons with Honey Red
Wine Vinaigrette on the side. This comes with a piece of amazing Irish soda bread. I ate half there and half later when I got hungry again.

Now Steph, Karlie, and I can’t go out to a restaurant and not order dessert together! Tonight we went with the Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich: An overstuffed Ice Cream Sandwich served with a Mixed Berry Coulis, Strawberries and Whipped Cream. The “cookie” was more like a brownie so I didn’t like it as much (too much chocolate) but the berry coulis was outstanding. Between the three of us we finished it off. ^_^

I can’t believe I won’t see these two for another year!


The kittens were happy to see me when I got home later that night. They let me mess with my camera and snap way too many photos of them. ^_^


Come on!


You would have too. ~.^ She’s just too cute.


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