Zombies and Rentals

Sorry this is so late but it’s been a really big day and now I’m trying to pack up for our drive to Montana tomorrow! This is gonna be short and sweet.


Breakfast: Weetabix, raspberries, dried cherries, and a drizzle of almond butter!


Lunch at work: brown rice and vegetable curry along with amazing Rainer cherries.


Surprise date night with Waylon and Joey seeing World War Z! Holy crap this was a good movie. So few movies capture suspense now days..this one had me constantly hanging on to my seat! Seriously, if you like horror movies go see it! Hardly any blood and gore but oh so good.

I sipped on a little soda and ate a little bit of popcorn at the start. But honestly  it didn’t taste as good as I remembered it so I held off for dinner.


Which was around 9 o’clock at the next door Red Robin! =D Chase bought me dinner again so I could stick with my Money Saving Month till the end! I was so hungry by 9 that I went and ordered something totally different: The Berserker burger. A flavorful combination of zesty aioli, Sriracha onion straws and spicy pickles topped with cheddar on a brioche bun. I got mine with a BOCA and ate half along with the fries. Honestly…a little too spicy for me. ^_^ Oh well, it’s fun to try something new.

What kept this day so crazy and busy is that we are actually trying to get a different apartment than we were yesterday. More details to come but we are struggling to see the property and get all the paperwork together before we leave town tomorrow! Speaking of which, I probably won’t be posting tomorrow night but I promise to recap the next day.



2 thoughts on “Zombies and Rentals

  1. Okay, now I definitely need to go see WW:Z. I mean, if you recommend it, it’s gotta be good. Now I’m all excited about seeing it. XD

    Good luck with the apartment! I always find that to be so stressful, so hopefully everything goes through without a hitch. And have fun on your vacay! You’ve earned it! ^_^

    • Definitely see the movie and let me know what you think. Honestly, I want to see it again.

      So far the new place is going really good! Approved for our condo and hopefully getting the deposit back on the other place should be easy. Need to call again tomorrow but when I spoke to them today they made it sound super easy. ^_^

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