Crunchy Goodness

Phew! I finished my last day at the food bank before my vacation starts! Such tiring work. IMG_1260

I started this morning off with a delicious breakfast after having a really horrible dream. =/ Why can’t people who are no longer in your life stay out of your dreams??? Anyway breakfast was delicious Kodiak Cakes topped with a drizzle of maple syrup, sunflower seed butter, and fresh raspberries. Yes the nut butter totally masked the scrumptious taste of the pancakes but sunflower seed butter is just worth it.

Along with my meal I had my very last caramel drizzle latte. I am now out of caramel! :O I may just have to try using the flavored liquid stevia I’ve been ignoring for over a year now. I think the aftertaste is what ruins it for me…

I was pretty excited to run again today but as I climbed out of bed I knew I needed to cool my jets. My legs hurt something fierce! I remembered why when I used to run it was only every other day.

Instead, Chase got up and we got dressed and ran some errands!


We got back home around noon so I only had 50 minutes to throw together some lunch while Face Timing with my sister and her new baby hedgehog, Snuff! It was also pretty hot out so I knew hot food was out of the question. I ended up munching on this snack plate of watermelon, kohlrabi, and….


this Crunchy Snack Mix I found at Costco! This is the same mix that I fell in love with during finals. It has a loonngg ingredients list but is freaking delicious. No I probably won’t let myself buy it again but since we’re going on a long road trip soon followed by camping I figured why not.

After the quick lunch and ooing and awing at Snuff, I hit up the food bank to sort donations. Wow did I not have a big enough lunch. I still managed to turn down the Starbucks pastries they had out in the break room though!(Ok I broke off one bite, put it in my mouth, and spit it out because it just wasn’t good enough to eat!) But I did leave a little early to rush home to a little bit more snack mix before Chase could have dinner with me.


Brown rice and vegetable Japanese curry never tasted so good. I slowly chewed every bite. I felt sooo much better.

After digesting I hit up the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. I guess I’ll just have to run every other day for now until my legs are in better running shape.


After a quick shower rinse I sat on the couch, watched TV, and ate these Frans Smoked Salt Caramels. Mmmm ^_^

Chase and I are going to do a 10 minute abs later too. Have a good night!


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