Better Days

Well, today was a better day than yesterday. =)


It started with me waking up before my alarm, feeling rested and refreshed. What a wonderful feeling! I then made myself a perfect bowl of Weetabix, fresh raspberries, dried cherries, and toasted walnuts. I love all the textures!

Then, thanks to the suggestion by Chase, I tried something new for my workout. You see, lately since I’ve been doing the exact same workout (60 minute hill stationary bike), I haven’t really felt like I’m getting any more “results”. You know where you workout all the time, but start to feel like a whale in your clothes anyway? Well that’s how I’ve been feeling. So Chase suggested I get back to running. I told him how bored I get during it and he suggested I watch TV shows on my iPad while I ran! Brilliant!!! Why hadn’t I thought of this?!

Anyway I had an amazing 30 minute interval treadmill workout watching the U.K. version of Being Human. ^_^ I wasn’t bored at all and by the end my body actually felt like I had really pushed myself! Huzah!


I had lunch around 11:30am today so I could make my bus on time to head to work. Chase got me these free bus tickets that expire in September so I figured I might as well use them while I can. Besides, it’s been very wet and rainy here!

Anyway, lunch had been packed to take to work, hence the lovely dinnerware.  ~.^ I had leftover taco salad (which was mainly just beans and salsa) topped with some crumbled feta, the last of the tortilla chips, some cut up kohlrabi (which by the way taste like sort of a peppery cauliflower), and some watermelon.


I worked from 1-7pm today and with my light lunch I got SUPER hungry. I tried to appease it with a cranberry trio bar which worked for most of the night. However, around 5:30pm I couldn’t take it any longer and hit up the Walgreens near by for some BBQ Popchips! I haven’t had popchips in forever and man they taste just as good as I remembered them. However, they seem to be bigger (in size) chips now. I refrained from eating the whole bag but it was a little bit of a challenge.


The snack was very much needed though since dinner wasn’t ready until about 8pm! You see, I had to completely prepare it once I got home. >.< Totally worth it though! Japanese curry filled with broccoli, carrots, red bell pepper, yellow squash, and sweet yellow onion on a bed of short grain brown rice. Soo warm and filling. ❤

I also had a glass of rose wine to help me relax. I’ve just been feeling so tense and stressed lately. =/ Shouldn’t that have gone away when school got out?

For dessert I had two squares of dark chocolate.

Night all. I’m exhausted.


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