Feeling Bad

Today I’ve just felt bad about myself all day. =/


It started with me unable to wake up this morning. I had to have three alarms before I got my butt out of bed which I never need. I’m normally a one and done kind of girl! But I’ve just been so out of it in the morning. Seriously, when the kittens bugged me for food really early in the AM, I got up, went over to their food bowl, got them some water, and went back to bed. I never fed them! O.O I realized my mistake around noon….

Anyway for breakfast I had whole wheat toast, one with crunchy PB, fig butter and banana, and the other with sunflower seed butter (it’s back!), Meyer lemon marmalade, and banana. With a caramel drizzle latte. And even that latte didn’t wake me up! =(

I got back in bed…then 15 minutes later decided I was being stupid. If I didn’t fit my workout in now, I wouldn’t do it later. And I’m almost on vacation so why flake out now!?

That way of thinking did the trick and I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride.


Then it was go-go-go. Getting ready for some hours at the food bank. I realized while about to brush my teeth that I should eat something for lunch otherwise I’d completely crash in the middle of my shift. I made taco salad with a side of tortilla chips…and could only eat half of it. Each bite was forced so eventually I gave up.

My walk to the food bank was a bit hot but I’ve walked in worse. I then spent 4.5 hours sorting donations and checking out clients. It was kind of a boring day and I was very happy when Chase picked me up at 6pm.


We headed to the grocery store to grab more produce right away. I got some kolrabi! I had tried a bite of this delicious vegetable at the food bank and was shocked by how good it is! I peeled one and ate a half of it raw. It’s delicious! I needed this snack because…


We decided on lasagna for dinner! And that’s got a 2 hour cook time…yeah that’s right, we ate around 9pm. For my lasagna I grabbed a Morningstar Farms Lasagna with Sausage-Style Crumbles. I know I don’t normally eat processed things like this but I just really wanted something hearty and “meaty”. Along with it I had a Caesar salad and two pieces of garlic bread. Man I was so hungry I devoured this plate!

Anyway, finally a of sitting reception work tomorrow. ^_^ My feet really need it. I hope tomorrow I can feel a little bit better about me too. =/


2 thoughts on “Feeling Bad

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough day. I hope you’re feeling better today!

    Oooh, kohlrabi. I’ve never tried that before. What was it like? I picked up some manzano and burro bananas the other day at the store. The manzano was more tart and sharp flavored than a regular banana, and I haven’t tried the burro banana yet, but not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about it. I love trying new foods. ^_^

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