Summer Times

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! I’d like to say I was out and about enjoying the sunshine but alas, we had a cold dreary day today in Seattle so I stayed inside and got in some good leisure time.


My day started around 8:30am with a hot bowl of plain oatmeal mixed with TJ’s Fig Butter and almond butter. I’m not really sure what I think of this Fig Butter yet, but this bowl seriously lacked in the texture department!

After digesting I hit the gym first thing for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. By the time I got back, Chase was awake! It felt great to get that done with so I could relax.


For lunch I was disappointed to find that my leftovers in the fridge were seriously lacking. Plus, I’d waited too long to start cooking so I was seriously in need of food with little effort. I ended up throwing together this plate of mainly vegetables! Rice vinegar cucumbers, sautéed kale, roasted red potatoes, a sprinkle of feta,  and a side of blueberries. It was all very delicious and tasty, but honestly I still felt like I needed more to eat.


A few hours later I ate this Strawberry Trio bar while I played some video games. ^_^


Dinner was an attempt at summer food but, sadly, without the grill and the sun. =( Microwaved corn on the cob (still delicious but not as good as grilled), a TJ’s Veggie Burger with BBQ sauce, and sautéed zucchini and red bell peppers.


Dessert was enjoyed in two parts because today I just kept feeling ravenous! Both were summer treats: fresh organic baby watermelon!


And a Vanilla Drumstick. Yeah I totally caved and bummed one out of Chase’s stash because I soo needed a chocolate fix. -_- Must buy more dark chocolate tomorrow because that would have been a heck of a lot less calories than this! Still, I enjoyed every bite but they are definitely not my favorite.

Anyway, off to work tomorrow!


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