Summer Break has Begun!

Hi guys! It’s officially summer for me!! =D And boy did I celebrate.


First I slept in until 8am (two whole hours!) then made myself a scrumptious breakfast of blueberry Kodiak Cakes with maple syrup and almond butter. ^_^

I had big plans to fit my workout in and do a lot more biochem cramming but my morning didn’t exactly go that way. It’s that time of the month and my stomach had that awful “sick but not sick due to any reason you have control of” feeling so I ended up laying down for another 40 minutes after breakfast.


When I got up I decided I really needed to wake myself up and stop wasting this precious pre-exam time, so I made a caramel drizzle latte and went over my notes. Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be refilling my Starbucks card anymore because this latte is soo good. And now with my new tumbler (Jaycee got me one for free from one of our lens crafting labs!) I can probably get it to work pretty easily.

The latte was just what I needed to get me going. I decided to go get in my workout because I knew I would be going out that night and it would make me feel better. It was a lot later than I’d planned to do it but I did it anyway! Boom, 60 minute hill stationary bike ride.

By the time I was done, trying to cool off, and figure out what to wear for tonight I’d lost a lot of time. (Social situations make me really nervous…I must have tried on my whole closet and did my hair a million different times.) Suddenly I realized Ilona was going to be picking me up to drive me to school soon and I had no time to make lunch! O.O Whoops.


I scarfed down a nectarine and ended up buying a mini cheese and date bar snack pack at Bastyr along with a free handful of trail mix. I know, I know. I really wanted a veggie snack plate or something like that but this is all they had and I had to eat something before the exam.

The date bar was good but I only ate half the cheese.

20 minutes after the exam started I was done!! It was probably the easiest exam this year! :O I felt like I knew pretty much every answer.

And then it was summer…


Me and a group of 13 of my other classmates headed out to The Beach House Bar & Grill in downtown Kirkland. It had a beautiful view of the waterfront and even though we were a large (and loud) party the staff were quiet friendly. Ilona and I shared a bottle of their 1/2 price Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling that was just perfection! For food I ended up getting the dinkiest and worst $6 salad I’ve ever had. It was a pecan and blue cheese salad with soggy romaine and field greens, a few tiny bits of candied pecan, about 1 red grape, 2 slices of red onion, and maybe a pinch of blue cheese crumbles all soaked in a fishy blue cheese dressing. I was so glad I also ordered a side of yam fries otherwise I would have been starving.

After dinner, we all headed to Kenmore Lanes where I had a G&T (Regrettably. It was apparently too early for gin since my last gin fest so I pawned off a lot of sips on other people.) and ended up playing a little bowling. Man I am terrible! In the end I had to bowl on both teams to make it fair. ~.^


When I got home around 10:30pm (Yes we are old and tired..), I was starving! I quickly threw together a grilled cheese sandwich with red bell pepper and a side of rice vinegar cucumbers. I also ended up eating another piece of toast with PB&J when the sandwich didn’t feel like enough to soak up all the alcohol.

Anyways it was a really fun night out and I feel like I made quiet a few new friends! Yay for summer!


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