One Test More

That’s how I feel right now. ^_^ If I didn’t have that very last test feeling to look forward to I’d probably be a little more miffed about my horrible eating today!


I started off fine with a caramel drizzle latte and PB&J toast. Not going to lie, I missed the banana. PB&J toast without banana is just…too PB&J.

My very last A&P test went about how I expected it to go. I felt like I knew a lot of the material very well and then the professor threw things on the test that we never talked about at all. =/ Oh well…It’s done.


My lunch was pretty awful. It started around 10:30am in the library when I got peckish  studying biochem. My school awesomely sets up a table of free snacks during finals week so I helped myself to a small plate of this super amazing rice cracker mix (really not sure what to call it but my goal in life is to find it…maybe at Costco?), a few crackpita chips, and a handful of grapes.

Around 12:30 I apparently waited too long to eat real food and therefore everything nutritious looked revolting. Hell even the ice cream bar looked unappetizing. But it was free and the lady really wanted to give it to me so it didn’t melt! Seriously, I turned it down once but on the way back she talked me into it. I at least turned down all the free candy bars. 

Later, I snacked on more amazing rice cracker mix that I smartly snagged in a plastic baggie before it all disappeared. ^_^ I seriously love this stuff.


I got home around 3pm and since I’d been studying biochem all day I took a break and watched TV. By 5pm I really wanted to eat so I ate the last half of my apple with a slice of cheese while dinner cooked and I waited for Chase to get home.


Dinner was full of failure. No, my roasted red potatoes in Italian spices were delicious as was my sautéed kale, but the salmon burger topped with marinara sauce was just….fishy. I hate fishy. I took two bites and threw it away. -_- I haven’t been able to eat these Costco salmon burgers for awhile now…


Since my protein was a no-go I made myself a big glass of chocolate milk to replace it. ^_^ Total dairy day apparently. I also had two squares of this new Lindt Strawberry dark chocolate that was even Chase-approved!

So what does a girl do when she’s only got one test more and is soo not in the mood to study more of it? Fits in a 60 minute hill stationary bike workout to pass the time of course! ^_^

Ok maybe I’ll peek at my notes again now.


4 thoughts on “One Test More

  1. Good luck with your last final today! Do you know when your grades will post? I’m sure you did fine, though it definitely sucks that your professor was a dud. Maybe you can give him/her a scathing review on Rate My Professor? At least it’s finally over, right? ^_^

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