One Down

1 out of 3 finals are done! Woohoo!


This morning I had an old favorite for breakfast: popped amaranth! With fresh organic blueberries and toasted walnuts that fell right to the bottom. Sadly, I didn’t love this as much as I love Weetabix. =/ Weetabix has ruined it for me! It’s just not the right texture.


After my exam at 8am,  Ilona nicely drove me back home so I didn’t have to lamely wait hours at school for the next bus (3pm!?). Before leaving school though I grabbed some of the free Finals foods. ^_^ I spent the rest of the morning sipping on a caramel drizzle latte and nibbling on this plate while I went over A&P.

I just have to say that I definitely have learned more from YouTube then I ever did from my professor! >.< It’s a shame.


It was pretty darn nice out today so Ophie found her new favorite sun bathing spot.


That’s right. Right on my photo-taking stand! She nicely let me fit my lunch of brown rice, cucumber rice vinegar salad, sesame and salt sprinkle and a ripe(!) nectarine, next to her and snap a photo.


As soon as I moved it she took over the whole darn thing! What a spoiled kitty!

I followed my Dad’s advice today and studied until the drowsiness that I knew was coming hit (sadly it hit early: 1:30pm!). Then I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride to try and increase my energy. It worked pretty darn well!


Around 3pm I tried to keep myself studying with a snack: plethora of Multigrain Wheat Thins (finished the box…) and three pieces of cheese. Snacks are getting harder and harder to keep in moderation since I don’t feel anything in my stomach and the more I eat the longer I stay awake. =/ I am so ready to go off these pills.

Around 4pm I finally allowed myself to get in bed, watch a little TV to relax, and then drift off for an hour nap. It’s crazy how much my body can sleep and still be exhausted when it’s actually bed time.


Honestly, all I wanted for dinner tonight was DQ soft-serve ice cream because my throat is sooo itchy and hot. But since I’m saving money I made something instead. Whole wheat spaghetti topped with sautéed zucchini, spring onion, and red bell pepper in a tomato sauce with a pinch of parmesan. It was really tasty and yes, much better for me than ice cream. =P 

Well I’m going to force some more studying in. >.< Night!


2 thoughts on “One Down

  1. I’m with you on the popped Amaranth not digging it..I’m on a wheat waffle kick from whole foods they don’t get soggy and the texture is the best. Hope you get to get off your allergy meds soon, that stuff zapps my energy so bad I will just suffer most of the time because I get way sleepy hate that!

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