Oh my goodness. Sorry for the late post but I went a little overboard yesterday!


The morning started off as usual with a bowl of Weetabix, fresh organic blueberries, and toasted walnuts. I’m officially out of Weetabix. O.O The horror….


After an enjoyable 2 mile walk to work (it was so nice out I left my coat at home so I didn’t overheat and wore my new favorite skirt so I felt good ^_^), I grabbed a Grande nonfat ristretto latte with caramel drizzle. Grande because I had a 50% off coupon and thought “What the hell!”. I did drink the whole thing but I have to admit…my caramel drizzle lattes are better!


We had a pretty busy morning but I was still able to get my lunch a little after noon. I had reheated parsley and spinach millet and lentils topped with sautéed sugar snap peas (the last of them!) and red bell peppers, plus a little bit of feta. I am soooo over this meal. I ate all I could have of it and made sure to eat all the veggies before I tossed the rest. Bleh. I also had a very unripe nectarine. >.< When I bit into it it crunched! I couldn’t bring myself to throw away such an amazing fruit so I ate it anyway though it was not very enjoyable. 


Like I’m sure you’ve noticed, my allergies are a little out of control again. Around 2:30pm my energy was completely depleted and I felt like I was honestly going to fall asleep right at my desk. My coworker, Jaycee, then had a brilliant idea for ice cream! ^_^ Now I wouldn’t have gotten any except that I owed Jaycee some…plus with my energy how it was, a nice cold bowl of sugar sounded good.

I ended up with a scoop of vegan maple something something. ^_^ Last night ruined my memory. Anyway it was really yummy and helped me get through the rest of the day before I could face-plant on my couch at home.


The couch time didn’t last very long though. Once Chase got home we were up and running again to get to a BBQ with our friends Waylon, Joey, Sam, and Jodi! It was there that I ended up drinking two gin and grapefruit Italian sodas. Probably one too many. With my month without alcohol recently completed I’m even more of a lightweight than I was before. >.< This one hurt.


I drank them both before dinner too. >.< We had boiled corn, orzo vegetable salad, mashed sweet potatoes, and I had a TJ’s Veggie Burger. I ended up eating only half the burger and leaving the sweet potatoes. Two things that would probably have helped me feel better but at that moment I was fine.


Did you notice the cute little corn holders? ^_^ Sam loves pigs like I love Hello Kitty.


For dessert I drunkenly grabbed one of these small fruit tarts someone brought from Fred Meyers. Honestly I don’t really remember it…

We then ended up in the hot tub where I started to feel really really ill and really sleepy. Seriously, almost fell asleep in the water! We left at about 11pm and Chase nicely stopped at the store on the way home so I could buy some crackers and cheese (the only food that ever sounds good when my stomach is like this). I ate some in bed before brushing my teeth and zonking out.

Anyway, today is get shit done day! I better get a move on. Later!


2 thoughts on “Overboard

  1. I’m such a lightweight, too, but gin and grapefruit Italian soda sounds like it must’ve been very yummy! Hopefully you’re not feeling the effects of the drinks today — drink plenty of water to flush it out! Epic bummer about the crunchy nectarine. It drives me crazy when I bring home a flat of peaches and they’re still not ripe. I stalk them every.single.day, prodding and squeezing them until they’re ready. Enjoy your Sunday! They’re the best for getting caught up, aren’t they?

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