A Really Great Day

Woohoo!! Last day of classes!


This day started out with a delicious breakfast of PB&J&Banana toast with an amazing caramel drizzle latte. Sadly halfway through my latte I knocked it and spilled it all over my desk. >.< Doh. I’m way too frazzled in the morning to be coordinated for a tall glass apparently. Still, I had enough caffeine that I was pumped up and ready to finish this!

During my last A&P lecture, (the professor has gotten so bad that I don’t even listen anymore) I found out that some Antioxidant Frozen Berry Blend sold at Costco was being recalled due to being linked with Hepatitis A infections! O.O This scared the crap out of me because I thought I had that exact same blend in my freezer and had used it! I quickly looked up the symptoms for Hep A: Jaundice (no..), dark urine (no..), muscle pain (well yeah..), abdominal pain (no..), low-grade fever (wait…could that be why I’ve been sweating so much?), loss of appetite (yes…), nausea (yes yes!), fatigue (holy crap yes!).

I got completely freaked out that this whole time I’d been confusing side effects from my allergy pills with symptoms of freaking Hepatitis A! Yeah, it was not a very calm morning.


When I got back home I quickly checked out my bag of frozen berries…to find that they weren’t the same brand! PHEW! Though, for the record, the ones I have still come from Turkey. >.> Relieved, I decided to have some antioxidant berries for lunch with Weetabix and toasted walnuts. ^_^


Clearly not a great lunch because later, after I did some stress-relief baking, I ended up eating two brownies with milk. I really shouldn’t have. It was total stress eating because I don’t even remember what they tasted like. =( Must work on that.


In honor of the completion of my first year at Bastyr (and because I had a Groupon to use before it expired!), Chase and I dined out at Capri Ristorante Italiano tonight. Yes this still works with my money saving challenge because I did not actually spend a cent since the Groupon was purchased back in February and Chase picked up the extra and tip. ^_^

Anyway the restaurant has a nice atmosphere and lovely lighting. I loved that the hostess actually asked us if we preferred the window or a dark, romantic corner. I, of course, chose window for better photo lighting!

After we placed our orders we were given some delicious bread with a balsamic and oil dipping sauce. Mm the bread was thin and toasty. I ended up eating three small slices over the course of the meal.


For my dinner I went with soup and salad. Their small house salad with a side of blue cheese dressing (for fork dipping) was nothing to write home about but at least the produce was fresh and crisp and I liked it enough to eat every bite.


The tomato basil bisque though was pretty delicious! I also ate every bite and loved the chunks of garlic, sundried tomatoes, and parsley.

(P.s. This photo bugs me. I just want to point to that splash on the left and with my best Gordon Ramsey impression yell “Dirty bowl!!”)

Overall, while the food wasn’t outstanding, Chase and I still had a really great time. =) We chatted and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. Afterwards we even went for a stroll around the Mill Creek Town Center since it was such a beautiful night.

When we got back home I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride! I thought I’d let it slip today but surprised myself! =D Woohoo. This day turned out to be a really great day.


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