That Old Seasonal Game

I feel like I’m playing a game with my allergies. =( Will they win or will I? Today I’d like to think I did!


After having a really crazy strange dream where I woke up clutching my side, convinced I had a large gaping wound across it, (don’t ask!) I had a lovely breakfast of Weetabix, banana, toasted walnuts, and raisins. (I just realized I’m not 100% sure they even carry Weetabix back in my hometown in MT! O.O I better bring a box when we go on vacation!)


Finishing my final A&P lab practical pretty early this morning, I tucked into lunch around 11:30. I felt like I needed it! Last half of the tuna salad sandwich I purchased yesterday, half the bag of sugar snap peas (They were just tasting off today…) and a little cup of Rainer cherries! Man I could have eaten 20x the cherries!


My friend Desiree and I decided to be good students this very last week of classes, so instead of heading out on adventures we hit the library for more studying. I turned my nose up at the dessert selection today but ended up eating one anyway! Desiree did not like the cookie she bought (too hard) but knew I loved crunchy cookies so gave it to me. >.> Dessersday? Okay, even though it was chocolate I couldn’t turn it down….my body wanted the glucose! It had great texture (in my opinion!) but all the sugar got me feeling a bit bleh.


When it was finally time for our very last Ecological Aspects class at 3pm I cracked into this Strawberry Trio bar. I’m really trying to not arrive home famished so that I don’t scarf down my food and then keep snacking throughout the evening. It did the trick!


Dinner was more spinach and parsley pesto millet and lentils topped with sautéed sugar snap peas and finally topped with a fried egg! Mmm ^_^ I was able to eat this meal slowly and enjoyably.


I still wanted dessert though so I had another banana with peanut butter. ❤ The good news is I was able to stop after that and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride! See, I think I won today yes?

=D Plus my sister reminded me of the big allergy shot I’m allowed to get once a year that handles all my symptoms for 6 weeks so I can stop being a Claritin D popper! I’m trying to set it up so I can grab the shot at my old clinic in Missoula.



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