Caramel Drizzle Mmmm


I really just wanted to stay in bed this morning, but since my body is adapting to my allergy pill and thus it’s wearing off faster, I actually felt hungry! I was up and out of bed before 9am because I had some Kodiak Cakes to make! Dressed with a little butter, a drizzle of maple syrup, fresh raspberries and drippy almond butter. (Clearly I put toasted walnuts on first then ended up picking them off and grabbing the AB. I just wasn’t feeling the walnuts.)

After eating, Ophie convinced me to crawl back into bed and almost got me to take a long nap with her but instead I knew I had to get my day going! So I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Yep, woke me right up. My goal is to not slack on any workouts for this last week of classes!


For lunch around 1pm I made the most amazing iced latte with caramel drizzle! Seriously, better than Starbucks. I drank it along with a cold piece of pineapple pizza followed by a banana and Dark Chocolate Dreams. (Why cold pizza? We’re having some oven/stove issues and it was too much of a hassle to go flip the breaker.)


Of course, with that small of a lunch, I was feeling dizzy a few hours later and ended up making a cheddar cheese quesadilla with homemade dill pickles! MMm! I’ve decided I really love my dill pickles even though they have an interesting apple cider vinegar twang.


Again, an hour later I was still feeling a bit weak so I snacked on a packet of Matcha Pocky while I studied for my A&P lab practical.


Dinner tonight turned out surprisingly good! I’m really trying to use what I have on hand (to save money and lessen the amount of stuff we have to move in July) so I cooked up some millet and lentils and tossed them with some frozen spinach and parsley pesto. For my sides I had sugar snap peas (sautéed in EVOO and Mediterranean spices) and the last of the fresh pineapple.

Nom nom. You’ll probably see this dish for dinner all week long. =P (Sadly minus the pineapple!!! T.T)


Ever since I had that caramel in my latte this morning I have been craving more. So tonight I blended up the last frozen banana into creamy banana soft serve, sprinkled some toasted walnuts, and drizzled it on! Holy delicious. Why do I ever bother buying ice cream/frozen yogurt? This stuff is soo good!

Here’s to one last week of caring!!! (about classes that is =P)


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