A Pineapple


We were all out of milk this morning so I had to have a PB&J tortilla without milk. =( Plus a side of fresh pineapple to help cool me down. ❤ LOVE pineapple. Seriously, I probably should live in the tropics so I can have pineapple and bananas all the time and feel better about my carbon footprint.


After my two mile trek to work I was hot and ready for an ice cold tall nonfat latte with caramel drizzle. ❤ I’ve missed these. Why do they have to be so darn expensive!? Hmm…wait a tick…this I could definitely make myself. >.> Soo trying it tomorrow morning!


For lunch at noon (I made sure to eat promptly before letting my body get all shaky and ill) I had about half this Italian Wonderpot (before I couldn’t stomach another bite of it) with fresh pineapple and a Vanilla Blueberry Luna Fiber bar to help fill me up. Wonderpot…you were a good experiment but I’ve thrown the rest of you out. Too much of the same thing is bad!


Dinner tonight was three pieces of a frozen Kirkland pizza topped with (you guessed it!) pineapple and a side of steamed sugar snap peas in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Oh and a glass of wine, ya know, for my heart. ~.^

Please check out my old Snorkeling post during my Spring Break in San Diego! I’ve finally be able to add the underwater photos Win and I took! =D Man good times.


2 thoughts on “A Pineapple

  1. so about that expensive latte… have you considered switching to an iced coffee with half/half? i go with sugar-free vanilla instead of the regular sweetener and it’s pretty good but your caramel drizzle may do the trick for sweetness. yes it tastes different than the espresso based latte, but it is less expensive and it does the trick for me.

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