So I came into the living room this morning and found this:


Yeah that’s a silly little princess lounging on her very own pillow.


She didn’t understand what was so funny about it.


Anyways breakfast was another bowl of amazing Weetabix (There North American site now loads and you can get a $1 off coupon from their Facebook!), fresh raspberries, a pinch of raisins, and toasted walnuts. I love to mix up the whole bowl so the biscuits are all crumbled and absorbing milk. It’s really like a cold milky porridge. ^_^

After my classes today I headed to a pharmacy to pick up more Claritin D-24, which I take every day right now to subdue my seasonal allergies. However, in this stupid state I was denied the sale because I’ve bought too much Pseudoephedrine, the active ingredient, in the past 30 days, 9g. I’m sorry but that is a messed up system to deny people the medicine they need to get by. I’m all for stopping people from making drugs or whatever the hell you’d do with a mass amount of Pseudoephedrine, but it’s completely ridiculous that I can’t take 1 pill a day of a medicine I need without setting off red flags.

In the end, I had to have Chase buy me what I needed. -_- Complete BS.

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When I finally got home I was shaky and upset. I needed to eat fast. It was super hot out but all I had in the fridge was Italian Wonderpot so I heated up a little bit with some crumbled feta and forced it down. To help me cool off afterward, I had the very last Yasso frozen Greek yogurt blueberry bar.

Chase and I had a few errands to run this afternoon, including getting me my pills, and by the time we were back home we were soaked with sweat. I don’t like it this hot! But at least it got Chase to workout with me…in the pool! Yep that’s right we did 34 minutes of pool time. The whole time I spent it treading water and playing catch with a football. Surprisingly a very tiring workout. It was nice to be doing something different though!


Later while I worked on homework (almost have all of the last projects/papers/homework done for the year!!), I got hungry and ate a piece of cheddar cheese.

Sadly it was very hard to take that photo. My Canon camera is finally on it’s last leg. =( I think I’ve dropped it too many times. I had to take it out of aperture mode and switch it to auto before it would even take photos let alone focus. I may be having to make a big purchase sooner than I wanted. =/


Dinner was surprisingly delicious and satisfying! Chase made us fluffy scrambled eggs topped with cheese and I made us toast with jam, plus a side of steamed sugar snap peas. Mmm. Breakfast food just fills me up and makes me feel whole! Maybe because it’s so simple?


Since it is my weekend I went ahead and had a glass of wine. ^_^ Man I was tipsy off the first few sips. I also ate the last two squares of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Toffee Interlude. Man I looooveedd this chocolate. I’m kind of obsessed with Ghirardelli now.

Anyway it’s been a good day and I can feel my funk lifting. Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer lately. ❤


3 thoughts on “Denied

  1. Yeah, CA has pseudoephedrine laws, too…but it’s like, if you *were* brewing drugs, you wouldn’t be, like, buying *10g* of the stuff, ya know? You’d be the sunken-faced person with a shopping cart filled to the brim with it. I’m sure those laws have just made druggies go online or pay off friends to do it for them, anyway. Sucks that you couldn’t just buy your needed meds without a hassle! A handful of unethical people really mess things up for normal folks who actually *need* the antihistamines. D:

    Wow. I went off on a bit of a tirade, there. Secondhand outrage, I guess. Hah! I mean, I just googled it and it’s apparently created a black market of its own, of people coming into the store in clumps, standing one at a time in line to buy it, then turn around and resell it at a 4x+ markup to the people who brew meth.

    Anyway. -.- According to that article, they don’t even share the information of who buys it with other pharmacies, anyway, so the laws aren’t even actually working to deter druggies from making methamphetamines. It’s just making them hop from store to store to get their fix.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better today! Looks like Ophelia couldn’t handle Vinnie getting all the attention the other day and had to out-cute him. ^_^ Isn’t it funny how you could have a totally spotless and uncluttered floor, but if you leave *anything* on the floor — shirt, towel, paper bag, homework — they’ll find it and, by jove, they WILL sit on it? XD

    • Thanks for sharing my indignation! It’s just completely stupid that they have all these laws that are just stopping the common people and not the actual meth makers!!

      They scan my driver’s license so I’m pretty sure, at least here, that it tracks my purchase of pseduophedrine from each pharmacy. Otherwise I don’t think there’s any way I would have been denied yesterday!

      The whole thing just really ticks me off and makes me upset how flawed our legislation can be.

      Haha xD Yes Ophie will sit on anything on the ground. After grocery day, we pepper all the Costco boxes around the living room so they can take turns sitting in each one. She also has a fetish with shoes and will try them on, then try to pull out any insoles you may have in them. She’s such a goofball!

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