Library Zombie

I'd like to tell you all that my day improved after my last post but it didn't. =( At the moment though I'm feeling decent.

I didn't feel like Weetabix this morning and instead made whole wheat toast topped with crunchy Adam's peanut butter on one, Dark Chocolate Dreams on the other, both with huckleberry jam and cut up banana. Washed down with a mug of milk. ❤ Vinni was pretty disappointed and gave me the cold shoulder.

After getting a good amount of work done this morning I found myself feeling pain in my stomach and a weakness in my body so I headed to lunch in the cafeteria. I didn't really feel like anything they had but ended up just filling my plate like a zombie. Mushroom enchilada, brown rice, chipotle black beans, and sugar snap peas.

I ate this in a sad daze as I contempated my A&P exam I just got back. I was was bad. =/ The rest of the afternoon was spent getting even more work done. It was good to be productive but it was damn lonely in the library. Eventually with my final hour before class I headed out into the sun and laid in the grass.

I thought about just having snacks for dinner but my stomach let me know that I was hungrier than that. I reheated the last of my jalapeno pizza, no veggies. I just was not feeling it.

And then I snacked. =/ I feel like I do this each night to fill the “emptiness”. I know I don't need it and yet I do it anyway. Last bag of rice crackers and peanuts and two squares of dark chocolate. At least I didn't finish the bar.

I had intended to workout tonight but with my mood Chase wanted to spend time with me and I wasn't going to pass that up. We watched TV, chatted, and made summer plans. We even did my abs workout together. =)

I'm ready for this mood to turn around.



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