So last night was one of those in bed before 8pm nights. I just felt completely spent in every way possible. Let me catch you up on yesterday anyway!

Breakfast was again Weetabix, banana, toasted walnuts, raisins. Never gets old and I think it's become Vinni's favorite too. I think he's more excited about it than he is about Greek yogurt! ^_^ He's such a spoiled little guy. When he gets impatient for me to finish eating he gets up on the arm of my chair and starts head-butting my arm in that holds the spoon as if to force me to spill!

Lunch was a a little bit exciting. I went with three of my classmates to get Bubble Tea! Have you ever had it? It's basically a cold milk tea that's served with boba (tapioca balls). It's freaking delicious and refreshing. I ordered a green apple flavored one and it rocked my socks. I also ate the other half of the tuna salad sandwich on sourdough and a baggie of sugar snap peas.

We had so much fun being away from school. We played card games and then spent the rest of the break outside chatting in the sun. ^_^ Did I get any homework done? Hells no, but it's not every day I do 4 hours of social time!

Oddly enough I started to feel weak when it was about classtime again. Luckily I'd brought a Chobani Flip just in case! This Peachy Pastachio one is a peach Greek yogurt with pipstachio and dark chocolate toppings. It was pretty good but not my favorite.

By the time I got home from school (around 5:45pm) I was again feeling very dizzy and weak so I noshed on a serving of rice crackers and peanuts. I love this combination but I am still trying to find the exact one I feel in love with in Japan! Speaking of Japan, I just got in contact again with the Japanese exchange student who went to school with me during 7th grade. It's crazy but she is now a dietican in Japan! (What are the odds!?) We are going to keep in touch now so I can practice Japanese and she can practice English. =)

When we finally ate dinner I just felt…funny. Not hungry, not satisfied, not connected. =/ I finished off the Sweet Kale salad (which btw, I don't like as much after it's sat for a few days. Texture all becomes the same.) and ate two pieces of Costco frozen pizza topped with jalapenos. In preperation for our month without spending we figured we'd better buy some for some pizza cravings. It was pretty decent though Chase and Ic ould not decide if we liked the crust or not.

Still just feeling…empty(?) I ended up eating half of this Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Toffee bar after dinner. =/ Wow…writing this right now just made me realize exactly how I feel: empty.

With that empty feeling I just gave up on the day and went to bed. Reading back over this is so strange that I went from being oddly socially happy to just emptiness. =( Sorry for this negative ending but I feel really stuck on it now.

More tonight…



4 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Emptiness just happens from time to time. When it happens to me I just go with it and hope for a better tomorrow 🙂 Love Boba! Near my house there is a place that has boba tea etc.. They have this boba called a snow bubble, it’s like a frapuccino because the ice is blended and the boba sinks to the bottom, I love the hazelnut flavor, and I have also tried there green apple amazing.. Freakin delicious! Hope today is a better day for you chica. Exciting about getting in touch with your friend in Japan crazy she is a dietician. 🙂

    • Thanks, Heidi. Unfortunately I’m still in a funk today. Wish I had more boba tea!

      I’ve had a snow boba once and actually did not like it. Probably because I hate that blended ice texture! I totally want to try all the flavors now so it’s probably a good thing I do not live near one.

      Yeah I’m very excited to have reached her! Maybe now I’ll have someone to visit when I take another trip back there and she can teach me all sorts of cool food things!

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve had an emotionally difficult day. Based on the bits you’ve been sharing with us the past few days, it sounds like you’ve got a variety of factors weighing on you that are probably contributing to your malaise. I hope you feel better soon!

    Vinni sounds like such a sweet little charmer! His antics remind of my own cats, heh. When my little black kitty was just a baby, he discovered ice cream and actually literally climbed up my arm — like, I was standing there like the Statue of Liberty with her torch to keep it away from him — to reach my cone. If it wasn’t so cute, I might’ve been annoyed at him. To this day, he always must investigate what I’m eating and won’t stop sniffing until he’s satisfied that he’s not missing out on anything delicious.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kaz. I am feeling better today =) Guess I just needed a lot of rest and de-stressing.

      What a cute cat! The funniest thing is that no matter how bad or annoying they are, they are too cute to stay mad at!

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