Ug. Just one more Monday like this. That thought is what got me through today.


Breakfast: Weetabix, raspberries, raisins, toasted walnuts.


Lunch: 1/2 tuna salad sandwich on sourdough, sugar snap peas, and a soo refreshing Apple Spiced Brew Dr. Kombucha.


Chocolate-craving induced afternoon snack: the last baggie of Costco trail mix! Trigger food squashed!


Dinner: Italian Wonderpot topped with crumbled feta


Dessert: brownie and milk

More food because I don’t feel hunger or fullness right now: pretzel thins and cheddar cheese plus a small bag of rice crackers and peanuts.

>.< I keep forgetting that just because I can’t feel fullness doesn’t mean I can keep eating!

Workout: 5 minute elliptical until iPod died…followed by 45 minutes hill stationary bike ride.

I feel really unattached today. =/ Probably due to the really strange dream I had last night. I don’t really want to go into it but it brought back the face of someone I’ve worked hard to forget and seeing that face frightened me.

Here’s to a better tomorrow! Sorry for the detached writing.


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