June Challenge: Just Say No!

So I seem to have developed a compulsive spending habit since moving to Washington. Perhaps it’s due to all the Groupon/Google Offers/Amazon Local deals there are available to me now but I find it so hard to turn down a bargain! You may have guessed that due to this flaw I have been having money issues. Yes I can still afford to eat and get by in daily life, but is buying a hair straightener really worth dipping into my savings (that I’m hoping will get me a vacation to Japan once I pass my RD certification exam)?? No it’s not.

This month my challenge is to drop all unnecessary purchasing including eating out.
Leading up to June I’ve been slowly unsubscribing from mailing lists, flashing their deals at me, cutting it down to the bare minimum. I thought about canceling Groupon and such but Chase reminded me that I need to learn to say no to temptation even when it’s right in front of me!

Honestly, I think this is going to be one of my hardest challenges! Anyone else want to join in and save some money?

3 thoughts on “June Challenge: Just Say No!

  1. I’m down for the challenge! My husband is about to loose his job, sooo I need to tighten up were I can. Good one 🙂

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