Eating Slug

Hey guys, this is going to be quick because I may be coming down with something and still need to cram for my AP exam tomorrow!


Breakfast: Weetabix (hells yeah I bought another box!), chopped up dried apricot, and toasted almonds. Me and the babies loved it. ^_^


Lunch was another disaster. This eggplant parmesan stack with roasted tomato marinara may have been really good…if I didn’t hate eggplant! I know, I know. Why in the world did I buy it then? I keep trying to like it! But nope. In my mind eggplant is what a slug would probably taste and feel like in your mouth. Bleh! Anyway, I forced down the top piece of eggplant and my salad with an herbal vinaigrette. Tossed the other large chunk of slug in the bin.


After my biochem exam, which I feel really good about(!), I snacked on a baggie of trail mix. I’d like to point out that Chase finished his half of the Costco trail mix bag a long time ago and I’ve almost made it a whole month with some still left! Impressive, yes? =D I’m pretty proud.


We have hardly anything in the fridge right now since it’s almost the end of the month. Honestly, I didn’t feel like eggs and frozen spinach so when Chase suggested Taco del Mar I agreed. I got a fish burrito on whole wheat with pinto beans, no rice, and no cheese. Tasted good because I was actually quiet hungry for it but nothing as good as the burritos in San Diego!


Later I found myself with a cold creamy hankering. So I had a Yasso Blueberry Greek yogurt bar. And then I froze to death….and now I’ve got a headache and feel all achy. =( Plus my foot is still acting up. I soaked it last night before bed it got so bad. I think my body needs a little rest so I no workout tonight.

Anyway, back to the respiratory and digestive system!

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