I study.

Don’t really have much to say about today. Emotionally better than yesterday and I got a lot of studying in.


Breakfast was a delicious bowl of Japanese oatmeal (banana and nutmeg mixed in) topped with banana, almond butter, and raisins. It’s crazy how much I love a good hot bowl of oatmeal as long as I have the time to enjoy it and not rush.

I’ve decided that until the quarter ends (3 more weeks!!!!) I’m just gonna stick to easy breakfasts during the week such as yogurt, cereal, and toast. It’s just not worth rushing oatmeal!


The rest of the morning was spent on the couch with these two beautiful muffin-heads (yep, I do call them that), watching TV (just started the second season of Once Upon a Time, anyone watch that?) and studying biochem like it’s nobodies business.


Around noon I must say I was surprisingly hungry for lunch! So I heated up the last of the minestrone soup for some veggies and then finished off the Social Snackers with almond butter, Meyer lemon marmalade, and milk. Actually a really satisfying lunch.

Once my tummy felt settled enough I hit the gym for a hot 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. It’s crazy how fast the time has been flying by at the gym since I’ve been so into the books I’m reading!


Around 4pm, I had a snack of chocolate milk while I studied for my Anatomy & Physiology lab quiz tomorrow over the digestive system.


For dinner I reheated the last of my Domino’s BBQ pineapple and green pepper pizza along with some frozen peas and carrots. Mmm.

For dessert I ate the last two squares of the amazing Ghirardelli dark chocolate I opened yesterday. Man I need to get better at just eating one square so these bars last longer but hey, not eating the whole thing in one sitting is also a feat. 

Well, guess it’s more study time for me. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

2 thoughts on “I study.

    • Haha thanks Erin! They have major attitudes since they know they are too darn cute. ~.^ I definitely spoiled them with mommy-time over the past two days. They are just going to cry and cry tomorrow when I leave!

      p.s. I just checked out your blog and it is beautiful! I wish I’d kept up on my Japanese so I could read most of it!

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