Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Woman

Arg!! So my stomach went downhill again. Stare-Left Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…(flashback to this)

Ok I know the song’s more about standing by your man than having to deal with a menstrual cycle but..that’s apparently how my mind works! And yes, I totally grew up owning all the Alvin and the Chipmunk albums and rocked out to them constantly. Pretty much all the cover songs they do I’ve only ever heard the Chipmunks sing. ^_^ Oh this one in particular is the only country music album I’ve ever owned!


Back to current life, I woke up around 8am and made myself some breakfast. I had the time to make a hot meal but all I really wanted was ice cold milk and peanut butter so I made PB&J&B toast with milk. Not even before I finished my meal my stomach turned and I was running to the restroom. Bleh. After breakfast, I climbed back into bed and napped. I just wanted the nausea to go away.

Chase finally woke up and made me get out of bed around 11am. I spent the rest of the morning getting some lab report writing done and chipping away at some studying.


Around 1pm I asked Chase if he’d take a trip with me to Trader Joe’s so I could find something to eat. He agreed and I ended up with some Very Green Smoothie and crackers and cheese. Mmm.


As my stomach started to feel better I ended up later snacking on a baggie of trail mix and cherries.

Around 4pm, I felt good enough to hit the gym! 60 minute hill stationary biking with no screaming children! I loved it and was so glad I gave it a go.


For dinner I heated up more minestrone soup, this time the regular Trader Joe’s version, and finished off some more Social Snacker crackers. Oddly enough I think I prefer the low-sodium soup! It just had a nice smokey flavor to it.


Since it is my lady days, I still had a chocolate need to fulfill so I finished off the box of chocolate covered banana slices. Man I love this! Frozen bananas have such great texture. I may just have to buy this again though I’m pretty sure it would be easy to create at home.

Hope you all had a great Friday!


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