Bad Tummy

Oh boy. Apparently my funky allergy tummy and lady day’s tummy do not mix. I woke up this morning running to the restroom and felt so very ill that I honestly considered not going to school today. Alas, I couldn’t miss the quiz and in-class activity in my Experimental Foods class so I pushed through it all. IMG_1090

Before leaving, I thought maybe giving my stomach some good food might help it. Reheated apple and cinnamon oatmeal topped with drippy almond butter and the last pieces of Craisins. I do think it helped my stomach settle and while I didn’t feel 100% in class I survived and only had to run to the restroom once. Huzzah.

Luckily, if my tummy had to pick a good day to be ill today was the day. My late afternoon biochem class was cancelled and my awesome lab partner, Ilona, gave me a lift home. I put on my PJ’s and got cozy, getting a whole bunch of homework done. Eventually I climbed into bed and took an hour nap, not because I was tired, but because I wanted the sick feeling to pass so I could go workout!!


It didn’t though. =/ Around 1pm Chase and Ophie reminded me that I should eat some lunch so I made a simple veggie broth and threw in some frozen carrots and peas. I also ate Social Snacker crackers with Dubliner cheddar cheese.


Vinni and Ophie were glad to have me home. They were well behaved and took turns on my lap. For once, they were nice about it! No one sat on anyone in order to make them move! Like clockwork each one would wake up and jump down after about 30 minutes and then the other would jump up. I was pretty amazed.


The only thing that sounded good on my stomach were simple fluffy carbohydrates. Chase has had this Costco chocolate muffin in the fridge and for some reason, even though it was chocolate, I wanted it! So I cut it in half, ate one half, then an hour later ate the other. It surprisingly tasted really good.

I spent the bulk of my day studying for my biochem test that’s next Wednesday. I got a lot of things done today that I wanted, but I just wish I’d been able to workout. =(


For dinner Chase surprised me with a grocery bag from Trader Joe’s filled with low sodium minestrone soup, a mango smoothie, and a Feel-Better lavender plant! He is such a sweetie. ^_^ I’ve never had lavender before but oh how I love the aroma. 

Hopefully my tummy will have settled by tomorrow. >.< Hope you are all well!

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3 thoughts on “Bad Tummy

  1. Hah, your cats remind me of mine, except mine are nowhere near as courteous. We have a twenty pound behemoth and an eight pound baby fighting for my lap atimes (and sometimes a cranky nine-pounder joins the fray), and the fat one has no qualms about squishing the little one, and the little one is too sweet to protest so he endures it. The fat cat also has no problems sitting on my laptop keyboard or even knocking it onto the floor if it is in his way.

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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