Less Lost

Well oddly enough I managed to have a pretty productive and satisfying day. No, I’m not at all the master of biochemistry…but I feel less lost. ^_^


Breakfast started my day off right with a delicious batch of Kodiak Cakes topped with a little butter, a drizzle of maple syrup and almond butter, and a handful of fresh strawberries. Is it funny that I like my pancakes very thin? They taste better that way. I always have one pancake I prefer in my batch and it’s always the thinnest one. Most likely due to being less doughy and thus less bread like to my mouth. No wonder I love crepes!

After working on my newest Experimental Foods lab report for a bit, I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Have I mentioned I’m reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn? It is soo intriguing the hour is up before I know it and I’m drenched in sweat! Anyone else read it?


For lunch I threw away the last few portions of the savory bean and spinach soup. After it making me sick yesterday I was just utterly repulsed by the smell. Instead, I had a snack plate of cherries, roasted beets, Social Snacker Crackers and Dubliner cheddar cheese.


Followed by a banana with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter to really satisfy me and fill me up. Then I put my nose in a book and went over and over biochemistry until I at least had more of a clue about what in the world my professor was talking about. I’m rarely completely lost during a lecture, but last week was a killer.


Eventually I ended up having a snack of trail mix because I felt like it. This whole no appetite thing is killing my intuitive eating. =/ I probably didn’t need this, but studying tends to drive me to finding a snack for a break.


For dinner I got my butt in the kitchen and cooked up a teriyaki stir fry of sugar snap peas, broccoli, onion, and tofu and enjoyed some on a bed of brown rice. Mmm the vegetables tasted amazing. Haven’t been getting enough green lately.


While Chase and I watched Dexter season 7 we had some dessert of cherries with a few squares of dark chocolate and sea salt. Mmm perfection.

I feel ready for the coming week. I’ve made a big batch of oatmeal for a few breakfasts, packed up some snacks for school, have my books together and, most importantly, am ready to get my learn on! Only four more weeks of classes!


2 thoughts on “Less Lost

  1. DEXTER! I am on Season 3 (I know, I’m way behind everyone else who is watching it). I LOVE it! I only have up to Season 6 on my laptop though, so I’ll have to rent season 7 or something when I get that far!

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