Checking Things Off

Thanks to all the readers who have entered Blueberries and Oats 2 year anniversary giveaway! If you haven’t entered already, don’t forget to do so! I’ve really enjoyed hearing what you guys like about this blog. w


Though I really wanted to sleep in today I was up with my alarm before 9am. Joan (my car) had an appointment for an oil change! I felt extremely shaky when I woke up so I didn’t even take a second thought when I threw together this somewhat odd breakfast of Weetabix and trail mix. Yeah…M&M’s in my cereal was a bit different.


It also fueled a chocolate-craving! While Chase and I waited for the oil change to be done with, we stepped inside Starbucks and I got a short ristretto, 1 pump vanilla, 1 pump mocha, nonfat, no-whip mocha! It was exactly what I wanted. I usually hate the Starbucks Mocha Syrup but the vanilla really helped tone it down.

Once Joan was driving smoothly again Chase and I ran a few errands. By the time we were done it was lunch time. Driving back home we drove by the Pizza Bank restaurant. For over a year now Chase and I always crack jokes as we go by this place, things about making deposits and taking out loans and such. Today when I cracked a joke Chase turned in and said we were finally going to try it out!


First off I have to say we were both completely surprised by the interior. The outside looks like it should be run down and shady but the inside is actually quite nice and upscale! We were promptly seated right by the window (yay natural lighting!).

We started with Italian sodas. ^_^ Raspberry for me, cherry for him.


Chase ordered an appetizer of cheesy bread with marinara sauce. I had one piece.


Next came the salad course. Nothing special at all. Just prepackaged iceberg lettuce. I drizzled on some 1000 Island dressing and had a few bites but it was really unappealing. Chase ate all of his though! =D Yay for boyfriend eating greens!


For my entree I tried something totally not me: manicotti! It came with a huge slice of garlic bread too. I was amazed at how big their servings were and then Chase reminded me that this was the lunch-size portion too. O.O WHOA. That’s a lot of cheese.

I ate about a third and half the bread. The rest was eaten for dinner 6 hours later with some sautéed kale. ^_^ That’s my one beef with Italian restaurants. They never have enough vegetables!

Overall we were thoroughly impressed with the Pizza Bank and intend to come back to actually try their pizzas! We both felt guilty that we didn’t but their was no pizza on their lunch menus and their lunch menu items were just unbeatable prices. 


Around 3pm we headed down to the Juanita Friday Market for it’s second week of being open. Sadly, due to it being just the start of the season, there was hardly anything there so I left empty handed. It was also not very pretty out so no photos. We did finally get a chance (after yearning to do so for a year) to walk around the Juniata Beach trail that goes out on the water. That alone was worth the trip. =)

Going to give the the market another month and then try again. ~.^ I really wanted some berries.

Unpictured eats: between lunch and dinner I ended up having a baggie of trail mix. I don’t know why but my energy’s been really low today. The snack really helped me wake up from my drowsiness!

Workout: 60 minute hill stationary bike ride

– Side note: The average person losses 2.2 lbs in sweat an hour while exercising. I think I must lose 3-4 lbs. One of my neighbors who saw me on my way back from the gym said in a surprised voice “Is the pool open!?” Stare-Left Nope…that’s just me.



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