Arg! My throat’s been sore and gunky all day. -_- As odd as it may sound, I’m hoping it’s just allergies and not me coming down with something.  Sorry to say but I had a pretty boring day. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever riveted any of you with my life so why start now. ~.^

The first thing I did this morning was rush to my computer to submit my add classes form for next year. I tried to add a cooking class but it turned out to be in conflict (by a mere 50 min! Pfft!) with a class I have to take so it was a no. I did however get into the Intuitive Eating and other Philosophies class! I’m soo excited to take it even though I already know the stuff. I feel like I can’t hear the ideas enough.


Then it was business as usually: shower, dress, breakfast! Again, Weetabix, banana, toasted almonds, craisins. My throat really really enjoyed this. I’m out of fresh fruit to put on my cereal though and have no toasted nuts so I may just surprise you all tomorrow by having something different. =P


I bought lunch today and it totally shocked me by being really unique and delicious! (Definitely no points for looks though…) From the left:Jerk Seasoned Tofu & Yams, Curried Black Eyed Peas, and Warm Pickled Cabbage. It was totally a different flavor palate than what I’m used to and I really enjoyed the change! To put out the small fire in my mouth (okay Jerk seasoning is apparently too much for me) I ate my very last kiwi.

No afternoon snacks but I did end up sucking on a few Riccola cherry throat drops.


Man, I think I should apologize for all my boring food! It’s really hard when you have no appetite. =( I’ll try to cook something new tomorrow! Dinner was again jalapeno and mushroom pizza with a butter lettuce and roasted beet salad with a lime passion fruit vinaigrette.

I did end up having a small flat scone Chase said an old lady at work made for him and a baggie of trail mix but I forgot to take a picture. You all know what my trail mix looks like though and the scone was seriously not pretty.

I made sure I hit the gym tonight since I took yesterday off and did a 30 minute elliptical. =/ Why am I so bored of my workouts? When do I get to find a pool so I can do lap swimming again? T.T I want summer to come already!!


One thought on “Boring

  1. Why mess up a good thing with your food. I don’t think your boring at all, and your lunch sounds fantastic. Pizza always sounds good so not to worry on the repeats 🙂 hope u get to feeling better.

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