Monday, Monday

Yay another Monday over with. I am just counting down the weeks until school is out. I’m so ready to be done and have a break from all this go-go-go!


Breakfast was Weetabix, banana, raisins, and toasted almonds. Man I love Weetabix. Seriously, this company needs to make it’s American presence known better! It’s totally a hidden gem.

Today we were running outside again for my Physical Activity & Wellness class. I liked this week better than last though because instead of running in the over 80 degree heat we were in the rain. Why do I love working out in the rain? No one can tell I’ve got sweat running down my face. ~.^ I sure sweated enough. In fact, I called it my workout for the day. (Gonna do some abs later tonight though. Oh and that reminds, I’ve been forgetting to tell you all about my strength training sessions since I generally do them right before bed. I have been staying up with them!)


I should have been starving after all that energy expenditure, but with my new lack of appetite I wasn’t. I made myself get lunch though and ate half of this tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread along with a baggie of sugar snap peas and a kiwi. 


Three and a half hours later I wasn’t hungry but I had a want of some dark chocolate covered cranberries! I ate about 5 of them and then tucked them away in my backpack for another day.


To celebrate the 96% I got on my biochem exam(!) Chase and I got Domino’s tonight. I started with one slice of handmade jalapeno and mushroom pizza with a side salad of butter lettuce with roasted beets and a few parmesan bites. I did end up grabbing one more slice for good measure. =)

Let’s see how many more Monday’s of class: 3! (not counting Memorial Day or Finals)


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