Modern Meds

As you all know I’ve been struggling with allergies this year. Nothing bums me out more than having to admit I have them again. One free year with no allergies was just so nice, I’m sad to see it go.


After my long sleep, I awoke ready for the day. I had a nice cold throat-soothing bowl of  (again) Weetabix, fresh organic strawberries, toasted walnuts, and raisins. I swear I’m going to get tired of cereal eventually. =P But for now, I’m completely enjoying what for me used to be a “treat”. I didn’t grow up eating cereal, in fact, my mother used to give us a box of cereal for Xmas! That’s how special it was. Due to cereal-less life, I used to be unable to control myself around it AT ALL. Bowl after bowl of cereal would be devoured until I was ill. Now, I know I can always have another bowl tomorrow. ^_^ It makes me so deeply happy that I can do this.


At lunch today I wasn’t feel very well. I’d been sneezing, coughing, jittery, and unfocused all morning long. I just didn’t feel like myself. I somehow managed to eat this small lunch of a butter lettuce and cherry tomato salad with a passion fruit lime vinaigrette (all brought from home), along with a roasted beet and tomato stack and a scoopful of red lentils with spinach.


Next I did the best thing I’ve done this week: I walked through the forest (Bastyr is surrounded by St. Edward’s Park) to the nearest drug store to get me some allergy pills I knew worked for me.


Claritin-D 24 hour baby! There’s really nothing else. I took one as soon as I got back with a Half & Half Nantucket Nectar. Very soon I noticed I wasn’t sneezing anymore, didn’t feel shaky, and could concentrate!

Plus, if you hadn’t noticed over the past few days, my appetite finally stopped being insatiable!


In fact I wasn’t even hungry for my four o’clock snack of a hard boiled egg but I ate it anyway. I need to finish off these eggs before they go bad!


I wasn’t even hungry for dinner either but felt very weak. So appetite is gone but apparently still need to eat right? =P So I had a small serving of brown rice and Japanese curry.

Low and behold, after dinner, I HAD energy! Enough that I headed to the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride! And after all that, I still didn’t feel tired or depleted. In fact, I felt even more energized! Thank you, modern medicine.


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