Cinco de Mayo

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Today I really could have been battling with myself all day long on my snacking. Yes, I feel like I snacked a lot but instead of making myself feel bad about it I accepted it and understood why it happened.


I started off fine. I made a lovely breakfast of Kodiak Cakes topped with a tiny bit of butter, a drizzle of maple syrup, fresh organic strawberries, and toasted walnuts. It was perfection. Thank you Kodiak Cakes for making me realize my love of pancakes!

Next I got my day rolling with a trip to the gym. I’d planned to do an hour long bike but with the amount of studying and housework I needed to get done today I realized I did not have time for that! Instead I did a 30 minute elliptical while listening to some of the last chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I got all chocked up when one of the character’s died but managed to just keep running. Has anyone else cried while working out?


By noon we were in the early 70s so I knew the soup I had planned to cook was out of the question. With the knowledge of a dinner out tonight I tried to keep it light with a salad of butter lettuce, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, white beans, parmesan, and a hard boiled egg with a yogurt blue cheese dressing.

This salad really didn’t meld very well together but I forced it down for nourishment and veggie servings. After dutifully eating it I allowed myself to eat the last half of the muffin from last night. I always need a little more carbohydrate action with salads.


Really though, it was not a very smart lunch for the amount of studying I had to do today and the overwhelming allergies I’ve been feeling. I ended up eating three single portion baggies of Costco trail mix over the course of the afternoon. No I didn’t fight myself over them nor did I feel bad about them but I knew I didn’t want to make this a regular occurrence. Honestly, I should have planned my lunch better instead of trying to save calories for dinner.


I at least hydrated well. I tried out this Twinning’s sample I got in the mail awhile back of Lady Grey Iced Tea. It was fabulous! I kept just adding more ice water to my cup and sipped away on the patio while I studied biochem. Happily I can say my legs did get a nice tan and I got some vitamin D synthesis going on!

Cramming for an exam really gets me to be productive…housework wise! When I just can’t study a second longer I end up cleaning. =P I scoured the kitchen, put away the dishes, washed the dish draining mat (it has stank for awhile..), packed my lunch for tomorrow, and did two loads of laundry and put it away! Because, ya know, cleaning your apartment is a totally legitimate reason not to study.  ~.^


Once Chase got home from work we hit the streets (80 degrees out baby!) and walked to the nearest Azteca Mexican Restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! All these years I ignorantly thought this holiday was a Mexican holiday, probably more along the lines of their independence day or something. But today Chase and I finally looked it up and were surprised to find that it originated in Mexican-American communities as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War. I’d never have guessed it was so American!


Anyway back to the food, when I saw fish tacos on the menu, I knew what I was getting. I surprisingly ate way too much of this gigantic plate. I blame my newfound love of beans and rice. I ate the rice and beans (and damn were they amazing) and then ate two of the fish tacos since it would have been totally stupid to order this and just eat the sides. The fish tacos were just okay…honestly I should have just stuck to one and given the other two to Chase. =/

The hardest thing about this outing though was not ordering a margarita! If any day was a day to drink a margarita Cinco de Mayo would be it right? But I really wanted to stick to my May Challenge so I said no and ordered a really crappy lemonade instead. It was hard, but I just had to remind myself that honestly, I could order a margarita whenever I wanted after this month. There’s no reason at all I needed one today.

Anyway, happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. You eat beans now? And pancakes? Well. I see how our next visit is shaping up. Honestly, even on your off days, your blog shames me. For a veggie, college and beyond has gotten me way too into processed foods. I used to be so so much better when I was younger. Or maybe my parental units were just better and I never picked it up. More fresh fruits and veggies, aye – I just need to resign myself to packing proper breakfasts and lunches, instead of rushing out the door.

    GOOD LUCK with Biochem! I know it’s a nightmare. Ugh. I’ve repressed a lot of that. Cleaning >> studying, for sure. ❤

    • Delly!! Yes please do come visit! And I totally know what you mean. It is so much easier to just grab processed vegetarian products now days but preparing and packing your own meals really makes it a snap. Plus I know you love to cook!

      I know I’ll make it through biochem (doing eicosanoids, amino acids, and the urea cycle right now) but somedays I honestly just don’t care!! Just need to survive this quarter and then everything will be better. Part of me loves the quarter system but honestly some of me loathes it! Everything is always go-go-go all the time!

      Miss you hun! ❤

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