Build the New

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I definitely struggled with heeding the words of Socrates tonight. But in the end, I think I’m making progress. But first, the rest of my day.


Breakfast was the very last antioxidant blend overnight oats I’ll be eating for a long while. I actually didn’t but any Greek yogurt at Costco the other day which Chase was completely shocked by. I just need a change of pace from yogurt! I enjoyed this jar with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and craisins. I do love the texture and the flavor plus it fills me up adequately, but it just doesn’t bring the satisfaction like it used to.


After my two mile walk to work in the sunshine (it was over 60 degrees!), I splurged and got a tall nonfat latte with caramel drizzle. I don’t know why I didn’t get the iced coffee I planned on getting..but it was nice to have something different.


And I suppose it was a good thing I got extra calories because my lunch was a complete flop. I’d packed a big Tupperware of potatoes and BBQ baked tofu and veggies…which had sat in my fridge for too long. They tasted awful (like old fridge!) and just weren’t worth eating so I dumped it all in the trash. That left me with half a grapefruit and a hardboiled egg. Yeah…no way would that hold me over.

I ended up going over to Walgreens and getting a little snack pack of tuna salad with 6 crackers (that was surprisingly tasty! Maybe I do like tuna after all…) and a single serving packet of trail mix. Definitely made my lunch better.


It hit 77 degrees outside today which is unheard of at this time of year here. My coworker and I dreamed of being out in the sun, enjoying the day. We did get a nice little surprise though. A Starbucks barista from across the street dropped in with little samples of their new Frappuccino, Caramel Ribbon Crunch. I’d been wanting to try this but would never order it so this little sample was perfect! Boy is that drink sweet, but I really enjoyed the crunchy sugar topping. ^_^ Adding that to a plain latte would add the perfect amount of sweet.


Dinner tonight was leftover tofu pad see ew mixed with a bunch of steamed veggies to bulk it up.


It did a crap job of satisfying me though. =/ I had this crazy chocolate craving that I could not stop. I ate a baggie of trail mix hoping that would be it…but a while later I ended up having half of another vanilla chocolate chunk muffin. >.< In one of those not caring moods, I contemplated really making myself feel bad and eating the other half. I went in the kitchen to get it and stopped. I don’t need to fight the old habits, but build on the new. So I put the kettle on and made myself a cup of herbal raspberry tea. =) It totally did the trick and I no longer am craving anything nor beating myself up over enjoying dessert.

Just need to focus on building the new habits. =)

2 thoughts on “Build the New

  1. That’s it!! This post was very timely for me, I am really trying to work on my “new” habits as well.. I still allow myself to have a treat at night, and 9 out of 10 times I go into the kitchen to look for something else to eat I have been able to catch myself before I actually eat more, and I ask myself “Are you really hungry? If you are go for it.” It has really worked for me and I have been able to let go of the guilt!! Go us!! 🙂
    Hopefully you and I will be able to keep our momentom going and stay positive. Yes it’s a constant battle but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.. Now let’s see how next week goes 😉

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