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I just had to share this silly caffeinated owl chart because it just cracked me up so much! Half-caf and double espresso are my favorite.

So what kind of coffee drinker are you? I’m double espresso all the way!


I wish I’d had time for espresso this morning but I’ve been doing things with my hair more so there’s just no time! I did make sure to have time for antioxidant berry blend overnight oats with a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful PB and raisins though.

20130502_111653   .

Once it was time for my Experimental Foods lab I was hungry! Luckily, we were baking tons of muffins today to show how different sugars effect the final products. Sadly, they all tasted disgusting! Seriously, we had to have little nibbles for subjective observations but I didn’t want to eat any of them!

It was such a disappointment since the prospect of baking muffins was there and they all smelled good…


Since I didn’t eat muffins I had room for a yummy lunch. I made a quesadilla with my last light string cheese, pico de gallo, and jalapenos. I knew this wouldn’t hold me over for long though so I threw in more protein with a hard boiled egg and half an organic grapefruit.

After lunch I was off to the food bank. Surprisingly, it was closed to clients so there was no shelving to do so instead I learned how to sort incoming donations. Man was it boring! I couldn’t wait to leave…

Because it was grocery day! We now have food (bleh no more pizza please) and a plethora of various snacks (no more fruit and cheese!).


For dinner I cooked up a batch of Japanese Curry! This is just one of those meals that I just don’t care one bit that there’s MSG in it. I mixed the curry with onions, Japanese sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, and tofu. Enjoyed on a bed of short brown rice. Man I love curry.


I still saved room for what I’ve been craving all day: muffin!!! Chase had purchased Costco muffins so I bought one off him and enjoyed half of a vanilla chocolate chunk one with some milk. No more disappointment. ^_^ Not going to lie, I may eat the other half later, perhaps after my strength training.



3 thoughts on “Muffins…

  1. This may sound crazy, but I don’t drink coffee! I’m a tea drinker all the way 🙂 What part of the curry had MSG in it?

    • Andrea – Japanese curry is almost all of the time made with a pre-made sauce mix that comes in little bricks. These bricks always have monosodium glutamate (MSG) in them but for Japanese Curry I make the exception.

      In my time in Japan I never ever saw anyone make curry from scratch. You just always buy the mix! I’m sure it can be done but you just won’t get the same taste. My cafeteria made “Japanese curry” one day and I wouldn’t touch it since it just didn’t smell right.

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