I just love that.


Arg, I wanted more sleep today. Again for breakfast it was overnight oats with antioxidant berry blend, a spoonful of Peanut Butter Co. White Chocolate Wonderful, and some raisins. Creamy cold goodness.


After my 2 mile walk to work I realized somehow my allergies have come back. =( I thought I slipped through their grasp when I moved from Montana (where I had allergies so bad I got allergy shots every week for 4 years) to Washington. I didn’t have allergies last season…but man did I feel it today! Due to this extra drain on my energy I grabbed a doppio ristretto with one raw sugar, 2” hot water, and a splash of half and half. Yep. It was necessary.


By noon I was more than ready for lunch. Vegetable fried quinoa with sautéed Brussels sprouts and half of an organic apple. Nom nom. I felt like I should have packed more for a snack later. >.< Whoops.


When Chase got home shortly before 5:30pm we both agreed we were throwing dinner together straight away! Hungry hungry. Luckily we had premade sushi with fresh tomatoes and pickled ginger.Mmm! Now if I had just been able to eat food like this in Japan…


After eating I knew I had to indulge in a perfectly ripe banana and more White Chocolate Wonderful PB. ❤ Man I so need to take the time to make my own again! Curse you school. This summer I am making a plethora of flavors.

Workout-wise today consisted of my 2.5 miles of walking and 15 minutes of abs. I had intended to do more serious strength training but I banged my hand really really hard on my desk at work, so hard it instantly swelled up and bruised, so that was out.

So instead I watched the 2012 movie, Les Miserables, which I bummed from Red Box. ^_^ I absolutely love the story and music, but I stand by my original review that the movie was disappointing. I just expected so much better!

Anyway have a goodnight!

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