Be a Cat


Sorry I saw this cute image and just had to share it! Wouldn't we all be better off as cats? Seriously, number 5 is where it's at. They DO look like beans!

I've got to say I completely crashed last night. Like Chase woke up at around 3 in the morning to convince me to get up and walk to the bed to pass out again. I'd face-plannted on the couch while watching a movie around midnight apparently. Boy was I tired!

I didn't even get out of bed until 10:30 am! But eventually my hungry tummy got me going. I knew I was going to have the PB&J&Banana toast I'd been craving all week with a glass of milk. Oddly enough, I totally didn't love this. In fact, I considered not eating my second half but I hate to throw away good food so I did.

The rest of the morning was spent working on a lab report for Experimental Foods and waiting for my tummy to feel better. By 1pm, I knew I just had to suffer through it and get to the gym! I ended up doing a 1 hour 30 minutes hill stationary bike workout. I sweat my ass off! Did you know that the average person losses 2.2 lbs ever hour of exercising just through sweat?

After showering I realized how ravenous I was so I grabbed my Calpis drink I couldn't help but get at Uwajimaya yesterday. I almost chugged it all before I realized I needed something more substantial. I ended up grabbing the black sesame red bean filled mochi cake I'd also snagged. After drinking and eating this boy did I feel sick from so much sugar. >.< Big mistake!

Dinner tonight was the main reason we were at Uwajimaya yesterday: sushi ingredients! We had inarizushi, California rolls with Krab, red bell pepper, cucumber, and avocado, and some shiozake (salted salmon). It all turned out fabulous! Vincent went gaga over the salmon.

Much later I had a major craving for some milk and fruit so I used the very last of the Cherry Berry Granola my mum sent me from NatureBox (~1/4 cup) along with some fresh organic stawberries and milk. Mmmm Vinni loved dessert.

He leads a really great life. I just wrote this whole post on my iPad just so he could continue to sleep on my legs. And now I have this song stuck in my head:






One thought on “Be a Cat

  1. Love the cat image! Ahhh the life of cat’s, wouldn’t mind being one right now 😉 really, really loooong day! Have a good Saturday Robyn… Night.

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