Nihon no Tabemono

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Thursdays always feel like my longest day. I get up early and go to school then by lunch I’m home saying hi to Chase and then I’m off to the food bank to stock shelves for two hours. Once that’s over I generally come home and pick up Chase and we go out and do something fun. By the end of the day I’m always shocked that it is still Thursday! And then I freak out that I didn’t fit in a workout. -_- So sometimes I just need to remind myself to relax. It’s my “Friday” night.

I think I’m going to move my rest days to Thursdays for this exact reason.


Like I said, it was business as usual this morning and I made myself eat overnight oats mixed with Antioxidant Berry Mix, a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, and craisins. I sooo wanted some PB&J&Banana toast but I stuck with what I’d already made.


In my Experimental Foods lab today we made different variations of pesto to look at the variable of fat. It was fun tasting how different they were! Pesto made with olive oil was definitely the best.


I didn’t let the lab munching ruin my lunch like last time though. At noon I made an amazing bowl of brown rice, TJ’s Cuban Style Black Beans, sautéed kale, and pico de gallo. Yum yum! Love me some beans and rice. ❤


I had a sweet tooth still so I slowly enjoyed a perfectly ripe (no brown, slight tinge of green!) banana with peanut butter.

After my hours at the food bank hauling and stacking cans of food it was finally the weekend!


Chase and I celebrated with Starbucks Frappuccinos! I know I normally hate them, but I had a major craving for a cold espresso and chocolate. Since I had a BOGO (buy one get one free) for a Frappuccino and Chase was willing to try one, I figured why the hell not. I ended up getting a tall non-fat no whip Mocha Frappuccino and loved every sip. It was 70 degrees today!


Vinni loved the warm sun. ❤ Poor little guy gets less of it than even I do!

Chase and I did a few errands: Target, Best Buy, and our last and best stop, Uwajimaya. I know I didn’t eat much in Japan, but just being around the foods and smells reminds me of simpler times. I have so much fun finding the random foods I enjoyed there. I always spend way too much money!


Chase and I even ended up buying bentos there for dinner. ^_^ Hey, we rarely go there! I had “croquette donburi”. Donburi meaning “bowl”. It was basically a big rice bowl with a sweet curry-like sauce and two croquettes made with potato, cabbage, and a panko breading. On the side I added some cherry tomatoes and two glasses of umeshu.

It’s been a fun Thursday night full of Japanese food and a marathon of the Oceans 11 movies. Boy, tomorrow I am hitting the gym hard though!



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