Not Perfect

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I really enjoy this quote. We don’t need to be perfect. Remember that no matter how many people and things in this world make you feel otherwise.


This morning I was back to the Antioxidant Berry Blend overnight oats with almond butter and raisins. Mmm. Remembering this is making me want some more. I just love the cold creamy goodness mixing with the nutty butter and the chew of the dried fruit.


You will not believe how much money I spent at lunch today: $10.25! Darn you heavy foods in a pay per pound system! On top of the expense, the food: tempeh stuffed cabbage roles, Spanish rice, and roasted vegetables was very under seasoned. In fact I could hardly taste anything! If I hadn’t spent so much money on it I wouldn’t have ate it. (I did end up tossing half of the rice.) I did absolutely enjoy my whole grain crust banana cream pie though! Desiree and I couldn’t resist. ^_^ It was also lovely to enjoy this meal out in the sun in the 68 degree weather.


I tried to study outside but unfortunately this bad girl forgot her sunglasses! Ouch. I ended up back in the secluded library studying my notes on the cardiovascular system and eventually eating the last square of milk chocolate peanut butter.


Around 4pm, during my biochemistry break I ate my mid-afternoon snack of an organic orange and a light string cheese. Okay, totally tired of this combo now. In fact, I may never buy cheese again. (Surreeeeee)


Another successful evening of not snacking before dinner ensued and before I knew it Chase was home and I was heating up food. Vegetable fried quinoa topped with some sautéed asparagus and sriracha. ❤


And then I finished off this mini bag of TJ’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee I started last night at the airport along with some 3-day old stale microwave popcorn. >.> Can you tell I’m on my period?

I was warring in my head over the fact that I had scheduled a 30 minute treadmill interval run tonight that I was dreading. Then I realized hey, it doesn’t matter what I do just as long as I do a workout! So I did a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride instead. ^_^ It was so much more enjoyable with my book in hand and no fear of crashing into the wall again.

After my biking, I did a 5 minute abs workout with an iPad app. That’s right. I’m trying to be smart this time and slowly increase abs so that I’m not completely unable to move tomorrow.

I’m debating eating a banana and peanut butter….or granola and milk….or hell, anything. Why do hormones have to mess with us so badly!?!  -_-



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