That’s right, even if it’s a slice of pizza! It’s so good for your body to break it’s fast and rev up that metabolism!


That said, I did not eat pizza for breakfast. ^_^ Instead I had a crumbly and chewy bowl of Weetabix, NatureBox Very Berry Granola, and fresh organic strawberries. ❤ (big kissy sound) It was just calling my name and I had to turn down my jar of overnight oats.


In my A&P lab today we could to play around with an electrocardiograph! It was pretty cool looking at the electrical activity of my heart.


And it got me hungry for lunch. ~.^ I actually ended up eating this baby an hour early just because we got out of lab early. Whoops. I brought a big salad of heirloom lettuce and dumped some vegetable fried quinoa with sriracha on top. Yum yum. I may have gotten a little over zealous with the sriracha and set my mouth on fire though…


Around 2pm, having spent hours in the library catching up on homework, I had a major craving for some chocolate so I bought one of those small bars of milk chocolate and peanut butter. ❤ I ate 2 out of 3 squares and saved the last of it for tomorrow.


Around 4pm, during the break in my Ecological Aspects of Nutrition class, I ate my snack of 1/3 of an apple (that apple I couldn’t finish on Saturday and didn’t have the heart to throw away!) with a string cheese. I feel like my fruit and cheese snack is a pretty good choice but dang am I getting a little tired of it!


I wasn’t tired of cheese though. =P For dinner I made a quesadilla with TJ’s whole wheat and flax tortillas, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and heirloom lettuce. For more veg I sautéed asparagus in EVOO, S&P, and garlic powder. This plate was absolutely way too spicy (whoops) and yet amazingly satisfying.

No workout tonight because Chase and I are headed to the airport to see his mom who has a small layover on her way down to Maryland for the birth of Chase’s new nephew. Have a great evening!


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