Locked In


And today I did confine myself…inside the walls of the library! And I’m so glad I did. I feel like my biochemistry exam went pretty darn well.


First off I started my day off right with an old favorite: overnight oats! Yep I made a whole batch for this week filled with Costco Antioxidant Berry blend and topped with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Num-o.

This morning I was very busy learning and somewhat worrying about my exam. By the time it was lunch my stomach was growling!


And boy oh boy was I excited to eat because it was one of my new favorite foods: catfish tacos with pico de gallo and a side salad with cherry tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, and a smidge of house-made honey mustard vinaigrette. Soo tasty…


..but not very filling. =P Besides, I had hours of studying AND an exam to be fueled for so I grabbed some dessert. ❤ This vegan Marionberry and apple cobbler was absolutely delicious. I could feel the glucose going straight to my brain. ~.^


After an excellent meal, I headed down for a 10 minute free massage. I love when they do these free bodywork workshops. I got my neck all worked out and and they even tried to work on my foot!


And then I was locked away for hours in the library. It was simply gorgeous out, over 60 degrees and the sun shining. I knew if I went outside I’d never study though, so instead I settled in and crammed. Really glad I did though.


After the exam (only 30 minutes, I test fast…), I ate my orange and cheese stick outside in the sun while I watched the turtles bask. ^_^ It was pleasant.

Once lecture was over I headed to the bus stop but was surprised by one of my classmates offering to give me a lift home! Why thank you! I made it home in record time, hungry, and just about headed to the kitchen to get a pre-dinner snack when I realized what I was doing! No! Keeping with my new habit, I headed into the bedroom with the newest Nutrition Action and sat down for a good read. =)


Once Chase got home though I was hell on wheels getting dinner together! And oh my goodness, it was superb. Leftover TJ’s Cuban Style Black Beans, brown rice, and sautéed kale in EVOO and Cajun Jerk spices. I basically licked the bowl.


I’m stilling feeling like I may be coming down with something and have been having Theraflu every night. This tiredness also made me feel like I needed a little extra something to get me to go do my workout: Quaker Oatmeal Squares (1/2 cup) and a pinch of craisins.

And then I was off to the gym after a bit of digesting. 15 minutes interval treadmill run and 15 minutes elliptical. Why both? Well the treadmill was going well…until I almost fell off and had to catch myself (with my elbow..) on the wall. There’s gonna be a bruise…I also didn’t want to do too much to my foot too fast. So this worked for me.

Anyway, Theraflu here I come! Hope you all had a good Monday!


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