Falling Behind

I apologize that these posts keep falling behind. =/ It’s going the same way with my studying. I just have no motivation!!! So…let me get yesterday’s post done before I go on to today.

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I really need to remind myself just to stay calm.


Man I can hardly remember tomorrow now. >.< I’ve been that tired. Let’s see…woke up extremely late, after noon!! Then I made myself a creamy and cold bowl of nonfat Greek yogurt topped with fresh mango, NatureBox Vanilla Macaroon Granola, and raisins.

I really tried to stick with my workout plan even though I was feeling off. In fact, I got my workout clothes on and went to the gym…only to find it was closed since they were moving in new equipment! I couldn’t fight with that…I like new machines. ^_^


Around 4pm, I had a small rice bowl of Vegetable Fried Quinoa that I made early so I’d have dinner ready when I got home after my very last group meeting at Hypnotic Nutrition. (for now!)

Sadly, it was after eating this that my off feeling got worse. I got a very strange headache and then while at my meeting started to get really nauseous. In fact, I had to leave 15 minutes early because I just had to get home to eat something.


By then I didn’t feel like my fried quinoa again so I made whole wheat spaghetti with sautéed zucchini and asparagus and just a touch of the last Alfredo sauce. It was so comforting on my bleh tummy.


And yet it also wanted some dairy. So I ate the last of the Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt. Sometimes you just gotta get your stomach feeling better. =/

Anyway I wouldn’t say this was my best day of eating but not the end of the world.


One thought on “Falling Behind

  1. I bought lemon sorbet from Haagan Das for my dinner party because I had the best lemon ginger sorbet with Whitney at a natural foods restaurant. Maybe your Ben & Jerry’s would have been tastier. Ron’s home made biscotti was terrific.

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