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I loooveeeddd not going to volunteer at the hospital this morning. I got to sleep in until 8am. ^_^ Then I leisurely got ready for my day of work and fixed myself up a refreshing bowl of Weetabix, fresh mango, toasted almonds, and craisins. Every time I think I’m over Weetabix it surprises me by being amazing. I just love the texture!

I walked the 2 miles to work today and my foot was 100% A-OK! =D Someone please remind me next time I hurt something to seriously just give it some rest! No exercise! Just rest for a few days. It did wonders.


Since I was at work early (I’m even faster at my walk than I was before!) I stopped in to Starbucks and tried to get a venti Earl Grey Tea latte. However, instead of the latte they just gave me an Earl Grey tea with some cold skim milk dumped on top….I had to ask for a little vanilla syrup. It was really unsatisfying. =/ I should have just told them it wasn’t right but I drank 1/2 of it anyway.


Around 12:30 I dug into a tasty lunch of Vegetable Fried Quinoa dumped on top of a plethora of heirloom lettuce. I tried to eat my apple too but it was just too big! I ate half and have the other half in the fridge now.


A few hours later I felt very low blood sugar; tired, drained. While grabbing some water at Starbucks I decided to try a new biscotti, Spiced Chocolate! Now you may be thinking, wait a tick…you don’t like chocolate baked goods. And you know what? You’d be right! =P My classmates have pointed this out to me before too. I sometimes set myself up for failure. I didn’t really care for this biscotti, in fact I thought about throwing it away, but I ate it anyway. Will not buy again!

Once I got back home I threw on my workout clothes and hit the gym to see my new workout equipment!


A new bike and a new strength training machine! I did a 30 minute weight loss program bike workout followed by strength training. It was fun trying to figure out the new machine! I only did 30 minutes of biking because I’ve still been feeling a bit ill today. In fact, as soon as I post this I’m going to make a mug of Theraflu to bite this bug before it bites me.


When Chase got home I got right to making dinner. Brown rice (yay!), sautéed kale in EVOO and a Cajun Jerk spice mix, and TJ’s Cuban Style Black Beans. Yum! I loved everything on my plate. It’s amazing how much flavor such simple foods can have. I need to remind myself of this since I always feel like I need to be trying a new recipe!


After dinner I had yet again a hankering for ice cream. This time though I went with a healthier option of banana soft serve (frozen banana ground into creamy perfection in a food processor) topped with caramel sauce and toasted almonds. ❤ Seriously, why do I ever buy ice cream/frozen yogurt!

Anyway, I get a day off tomorrow to study like crazy for my first biochem exam. >.< I feel sooo behind.


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